Siemens Korea Digital Industries Holds 10th Siemens Digital CNC Contest Award Ceremony

Awarded 20 participants across university and high school groups at Siemens Digital Enterprise Center (KDEXc) in Seoul on September 7
“Siemens promise to continue fostering the future talents for the era of digital transformation”

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September 08, 2023 10:25 Korea Standard Time
  • Digital Industries at Siemens Korea awarded students at the 10th Smart NC Contest Award Ceremony hel...

    Digital Industries at Siemens Korea awarded students at the 10th Smart NC Contest Award Ceremony held at the Korea Digital Enterprise Experience Center (KDEXc) on September 7, 2023. (Front row, fifth from the left, Tino Hildebrand, Vice President and Head of Digital Industries at Siemens Korea)

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--Digital Industries (DI) of Siemens Korea (Siemens Ltd. Seoul·SLS) announced that it successfully held the 10th Siemens Digital Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Contest Award Ceremony on September 7 at the Korea Digital Enterprise Experience Center (KDEXc) in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

This year’s Siemens Digital CNC Contest was held on August 24 on an online virtual platform, and it is a machine tool processing programming contest using SINUTRAIN, a digital twin-based NC program. The contest is not only for machine tool experts and professionals but also for high school and university students who are interested in machine tools and digital twins.

In response to this, the number of new participants coming from a broad variety of majors and studies in different industry fields is increasing every year, not only from technical schools. Since 2014, the contest has been with more than 5000 participants to date.

Siemens Digital CNC Contest is a test of programming skills that determine how a machine tool will process a material. This year, a multiple-choice test and creative drawing criteria were added to the contest. Participating students had an opportunity to learn basic machine tools and Siemens-related terms and concepts, but also to recognize the importance of the design of the part they are programming and to complete the machining.

20 winners out of 1006 participants were awarded. Furthermore, Digital Industries collaborated with the ministries of the Korean government to expand the number of winners to 20, including the Minister of Employment and Labor Prize, the Minister of Education Award, the WorldSkills Korea Committee Chairman Prize, and more.

KiHyun Moon of Pukyong National University and JiHoon Park of Kwangwoon University were honored with the Minister of Employment and Labor Prize. Also, JongIn Yeom of Samcheonpo Public High School and TaeMin Kim of Pyeongtaek Meister High School were awarded the Minister of Education Prize.

Tino Hildebrand, Vice President and Head of Digital Industries at Siemens Korea, said, “The Siemens Digital CNC Contest, now marking its 10th year, has played a major role in fostering the future talents for the digital transformation era over the past decade. As a socially responsible technology leader, Siemens promises to continue helping more Korean talents realize the importance of digitalization and pave the way for them to be at the center of the future society.”

Furthermore, KwangHee Baek, Head of the Motion Control Business Unit for Digital Industries added, “Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Siemens Digital CNC Contest, we are proud of how many young talents it has inspired and fostered their dreams and passions for the future. We promise to continue to provide students with the opportunity to learn and experience Siemens’ advanced technologies.”

◇ List of Awardees for the 10th Siemens Digital CNC Contest

△ Minister of Employment and Labor Award (2 Winners)

· University : KiHyun Moon (Pukyong National University), JiHoon Park (Kwangwoon University)

△ Minister of Education Award (2 Winners)

· High School : JongIn Yeom (Samcheonpo Industrial High School), TaeMin Kim (Pyeongtaek Meister High School)

△ WorldSkills Korea Committee Chairman Award (2 Winners)

· University : YooMin Han (Sungsil University)
· High School : DongYup Lee (Pyeongtaek Meister High School)

△ Grand Award (2 Winners)

· University : SungBin Lee (Changwon National University)
· High School : BoRyung Lim (Pyeongtaek Meister High School)

△ Excellence Award (2 Winners)

· University : Minseong Kim (Changwon National University)
· High School : MyungGyun Ha (Samcheonpo Industrial High School)

△ Encouragement Award (10 Winners)

· University : ChanEun Park (Hanbad University), JiHoon Jeon (Changwon Polytechnic), KangMin Im (Ulsan National University), YoungJae Cho (Busan National University), MyungHoon Jung (Changwon Polytechnic)

· High School : JiHyeok Oh (Changwon Mechanical Engineering High School), JunBeom Ahn (Samcheonpo Industrial High School), DoYoon Kim (Changwon Industrial High School), EunHo Kim (Gyeongnam Aviation High School), YuJoon Chun (Samcheonpo Industrial High School)


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