Why Korea Newswire?

Korea’s No.1 Press Release Distribution Service

Korea Newswire is the leading press release distribution service for publicity in Korea.
Since its establishment in 2004, more than 40,000 organizations have used our innovative marketing platform to boost their brand awareness and online visibility.
Send us your news release on any topic including new products, events and earnings.
We offer 4 types of press release services that help businesses of all sizes reach new audiences and drive traffic to your websites.

Services & Pricing

Our Exclusive Distribution Network

  • Journalists 34,000
  • Media Outlets 7,000
  • Partnered Websites 90
  • Subscribers 80,000
  • Industry Fields 345
  • Distribution Countries 160
  • Global Media Outlets 100,000
  • Distribution Languages 30
How We Distribute

6 Reasons to use Korea Newswire

Amplify Media Coverage

We send your news release to targeted media and journalists leading to more media coverage in newspapers, trade media, magazines, TV and radio.

Increase Web Traffic and Revenue

Increase web traffic and sales with enhanced visibility of your company’s website and social media pages on your press release.

Measure Results

Our monitoring reports help you measure performance by providing viewership information, snapshots, search results, social media clippings and so on.

Professional News Editing

Our professional editors provide high-quality editing, translation and proofreading of your press release.

Search Engine Optimization

Your release is searched on major search engine and issued on partnered news sites.

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing features helps readers share your press release with friends and customers.

3 Easy Steps to News Distribution

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