Global Service

Korea Newswire, in partnership with BusinessWire (a Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Company), global leader in news content distribution , distributes press releases in 100,000 media outlets and portals in over 160 countries in 30 languages.

Since 2009, Korea Newswire has distributed more than 1,000 press releases from Samsung, Hyundai, and other large, medium and small businesses in Korea.

Customers can choose from a selection of 1,676 distribution options from worldwide distribution to country, continental, and industry distribution. We translate press releases into local languages and distribute them to newspapers, broadcasters, news agencies, websites, trade media, and portals.

  • Major Distribution Channels: AP, Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, AFP, Bloomberg, etc.
  • Mobile Distribution: AP Mobile, Bloomberg, Business Wire mobile-optimized site, AFP Mobile, Thomson Reuters, Yahoo! Finance Mobile, Morningstar
  • Strong Search Engine Optimization: Search press release on Yahoo News, Google News, Dow Jones Marketwatch and more
  • Free Social Media Distribution: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+, etc.
  • Add Logo: One free logo linking to company website can be added
  • Cost-effective Pricing: Korea Newswire is the official partner of Businesswire and we do not add any commission other than service charges
  • Translation: We translate English press releases into local languages on the spot. In Korea, Korean-English translation is done by translators who have working experience as journalists.
  • Coverage Report: Provides reports including media coverage and traffics
  • Free Distribution in Korea: For those using global service, we offer one free Basic distribution service.
  • Professional Staff: Korea Newswire has been an official partner of Businesswire since 2009. Newswire global service professionals review your press releases and distribute them through Businesswire, reducing the language barriers, time lags and distribution technology gap.
  • You can request a quotation online or download an application form and send it by e-mail.

The following are global services that companies frequently use.
Please select a service and request a quote, we will send you the quotation and distribution media list.

Region Service Region Service Region Service Region Service
Global Full Global Asia-Pacific Regionwide All Asia Europe Regionwide Eastern Europe Europe Countries Austria
Global Financial Media

Asia-Pacific Financial Media

Europe Financial Media Ukraine
Global Media Asia-Pacific Media Europe Media Italy
Global Technology Media Asia-Pacific Technology Media Europe Technology Media Czech Republic
Global Health Media Southeast Asia Europe Health Media Turkey
North America North America Disclosure Network Asia-Pacific Countries New Zealand Europe/Middle East/Africa Portugal
United States US National Taiwan Europe/Middle East/Africa Technology Media Poland
US Technology Greater China (includes Hong Kong and Taiwan) Europe Technology Trades (add to any circuit) France
US Biosciences Malaysia Europe Countries Greece France Technology Media
US Energy Singapore Netherlands Finland
US Entertainment India Norway Hungary
Canada Canada Technology Media Indonesia Denmark Middle East & Africa Middle East with Africa
Canada Financial Media Japan Germany Gulf States
Canada Media China Russia Arabic Middle East
Latin America The Americas Thailand Baltic States Africa Media
Latin America Technology Media Philippines Belgium/Luxembourg UAE/Dubai
Latin America Financial Australia Sweden Bahrain
Latin America Media Australia/New Zealand Switzerland Saudi Arabia
Central America Hong Kong Spain Oman
Brazil Europe Regionwide All Europe Ireland Israel
Chile European Union UK/Ireland Media Egypt
Mexico Essential Europe UK/Ireland Technology Media Qatar
Peru Central/Eastern Europe UK/Ireland Financial Media Kuwait