Siemens Korea Smart Infrastructure launches SRF 2.0, intelligent fire detection system

Built-in isolators that ensure continued & safe operation during short circuit
Auto self-diagnosis feature provides high reliability & stable performance
Integrated portfolio optimally designed for buildings of any size & scale

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Jun 15, 2021 10:26 KST
Intelligent fire detection system SRF2.0 portfolio of Siemens Korea Smart Infrastructure

Intelligent fire detection system SRF2.0 portfolio of Siemens Korea Smart Infrastructure

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) June 15, 2021 -- Siemens Smart Infrastructure(SI) at Siemens Korea(Siemens Ltd. Seoul·SLS) has launched “SRF(Siemens R-type Fire detection system) 2.0” for faster and more accurate fire detection. With the SRF 2.0 which was developed and produced in Korea, Siemens plans to expand its presence in the domestic fire detection market. According to the National Fire Agency, the number of fire deaths last year increased nationwide by 27.7% compared to the previous year. In particular, the fact that the majority of fires occurred in residential and non-residential buildings strongly indicates the importance of reliable fire detectors inside buildings.

SRF 2.0 features a highly flexible and integrated portfolio of fire alarm panels and transponder panels, along with transponder modules, analog smoke and heat detectors with built-in isolators, expandable system, automatic self-diagnostic functions, and that can be easily programmed via smartphone application. SRF 2.0 is the reliable choice for a wide range of applications from commercial and residential buildings to the industrial market such as factories or a power plant. Fire alarm panels are available in two versions to support flexible application depending on building size, and can connect addressable devices ranging from 504(2,016 circuits) up to 4,032(16,128 circuits).

Recognized for its excellent quality, SRF 2.0 not only obtained the type approval certification from the Korea Fire Institute(KFI), but also complies with requirements of NFSC 203(National Fire Safty Code) in Korea. In addition, SRF 2.0 system fulfills requirements for Class-X wiring in accordance with NFPA 72(National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code), an internationally-recognized fire safety standard of the U.S. National Fire Protection Association.

In order to make sure that fire alarm systems work properly for a quick response and damage reduction in the event of fire, isolators for Class X wiring are built into circuits of all detectors and transponders of SRF 2.0. Class X wiring enables seamless communication among all terminals in case of an open circuit or a short circuit. When an open circuit or a short circuit occurs in the line, the location of the fault is immediately displayed in the panel so that users can quickly identify and solve the problem. With its automatic self-diagnosis function, SRF 2.0 guarantees users outstanding performance and high reliability by giving them an immediate warning about problems monitored including sensor contamination and failures, storage firmware errors, and overload.

‘SiScan’ smartphone app to setup device address in SRF 2.0 system has greatly simplified overall commissioning process. Serial numbers and address data of analog detectors or transponders can be quickly and easily scanned, documented, and transferred to panels via SiScan, thereby the app commissioning method not only reduces overall time but also prevents address duplication errors.

“SRF 2.0, equipped with Siemens‘ state-of-the-art technology, will enable more rapid and accurate fire detection,” said HaJoong Chung, Head of Smart Infrastructure at Siemens Korea. “With Siemens’ advanced products, sustainable commitment to protecting people and properties will be our top priority. We will also continue to contribute to the technological advancement in the fire safety industry in Korea,” he added.

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