GM Korea Will Provide “Comfort Feet” for Those in Need

GM Korea Employee Foundation signs agreement with Green Umbrella ChildFund Korea to donate 35 vehicles
Has provided 206 vehicles to social welfare organizations since 2002

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Apr 25, 2012 11:25 KST

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) April 25, 2012 -- The GM Korea Employee Foundation, a social welfare foundation established by GM Korea Company employees, signed an agreement today with Green Umbrella ChildFund Korea for the donation of GM vehicles to 35 social welfare organizations and charities across the nation.

Attendees at the signing ceremony at the company’s Bupyeong headquarters in Incheon included GM Korea President and CEO Sergio Rocha, Green Umbrella ChildFund Korea Chairman Je-Hoon Lee and honorary ambassador Sung-Hwan Kim.

A screening committee consisting of representatives of the GM Korea Employee Foundation, ChildFund Korea and the Incheon City Council on Social Welfare will select the 35 organizations that will receive vehicles from among the 530 social welfare organizations that applied from February 27 to March 23. The beneficiaries will be selected based on several criteria, such as the credibility and potential of the charity, appropriateness and necessity for a vehicle.

Rocha said, “It’s truly an honor to be able to provide vehicles purchased through the donations of our employees to those less fortunate. I hope the donated vehicles will serve as ‘comfort feet’ for those in need.”

He added, “GM Korea and its employees look forward to continue doing our best to address corporate social responsibility as a good corporate citizen. We plan to develop additional social welfare programs to help those less fortunate in Korea.”

Lee said, “We thank GM Korea’s employees for their generosity and sincerity. We look forward to delivering the vehicles to needy charities. Green Umbrella ChildFund Korea will expand our charitable activities to make our society better and healthier.”

Since its establishment in 2002, GM Korea has donated 206 vehicles to charities. The GM Korea Employee Foundation has been carrying out projects to support those in need, including reimbursing medical expenses, offering scholarships, making kimchi and hosting concerts. In addition to donating vehicles, GM Korea employees also donate their time and services through activities such as repairing welfare facilities, offering material support and providing emergency assistance.



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