NCH Korea announces Flood-Damaged Facility Recovery Program in response to climate-related disasters

NCH is diversifying support services across Asia in line with climate change every year to respond to flooding and other climate-related disasters
‘Machine Facility Restoration Program’ removes contaminants from mechanical equipment and prevents corrosion with eco-friendly cleaning agents
‘Electrical Facility Recovery Program’ eliminates moisture and contaminants from flooded electrical facilities

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July 10, 2023 11:02 Korea Standard Time
  • NCH Korea announces Flood-Damaged Facility Recovery Program in response to climate-related disasters

    NCH Korea announces Flood-Damaged Facility Recovery Program in response to climate-related disasters

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--NCH Korea (, Country Manager Junkyu Oh), a world-class industrial facility maintenance product manufacturer, today announced its Flood-Damaged Facility Recovery Program to support the rapid restoration of mechanical and electrical equipment in factories and facilities damaged by wet weather conditions - part of the company’s Disaster Response Facility Recovery Program for ongoing preparedness and response to extreme disaster situations due to climate change such as heavy rain, heat waves, and strong winds.

This summer, record-breaking heavy rains are predicted due to an all-time Super El Niño (a phenomenon that sees significantly elevated ocean surface water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean southeast of the Korean Peninsula). Accordingly, it is necessary to prepare preemptive and systematic measures to respond to flood damage in order to minimize equipment damage and facility downtime caused by flooding during the rainy season.

NCH’s Disaster Response Facility Recovery Program is an ongoing program across Asia, which features ever-diversifying support services every year to respond to climate change-related disasters. NCH’s coordinated disaster response allows professional facility recovery equipment and emergency handling supplies to be used together to minimize damage in a serious disaster situation to immediately protect facilities and critical assets. NCH also provides product utilization training for internal facility managers along with periodic after-sales service by NCH experts for additional support well beyond the immediate response.

NCH’s Flood-Damaged Facility Restoration Program is two-fold, consisting of the Mechanical Facility Restoration Program that removes contaminants from mechanical equipment and prevents corrosion with a range of eco-friendly cleaners, and the Electrical Equipment Recovery Program that removes contaminants and moisture from electrical equipment.

· Machine Facility Recovery Program: When floods introduce water, soil, dust, oil, and other foreign substances into large, complex machinery such as injection molds, rolling mills, and metal processing machines - or into factory floor environments in general - contaminants and moisture can cause machinery to malfunction or rust. Secondary contamination such as corrosion, mold, and mildew can also cause serious damage. Accordingly, NCH’s Machine Facility Restoration Program uses ND165, an eco-friendly cleaning agent certified for safety by the Korean Ministry of the Environment, as well as Duo Power, Enforce EF, and other products to quickly remove contaminants from mechanical equipment. Rust-preventive oils (Defy Plus, Yield) and rust corrosion removers (X-Rust 7, X-Rust 7 Gel, Etch Klenz) form a rust-preventive barrier to prevent corrosion, and additional neutral, non-acidic rust corrosion removers are also available.

· Electrical Equipment Recovery Program: If electrical equipment such as transformers, switchboards, and OP panels are contaminated with dirt, dust, carbon build-up, or oil due to flooding, the contaminants must be quickly removed with an insulating cleaning agent. NCH’s Electrical Facility Recovery Program uses insulating cleaners (PPC 200, NC 123, Voltz) with water-repellant properties to remove contaminants and moisture from fine gaps and spaces in electrical facilities - cleanly restoring equipment while also reinforcing their insulation.

“NCH has carefully prepared for the current situation where rapidly changing weather conditions in Asia, including Korea, are leading to asset losses,” said Junkyu Oh, Country Manager of NCH Korea. “Flood damage to vehicles and flooded equipment, site clean-ups, and plant closures can run into the millions. The company’s Flood-Damaged Facility Recovery Program will employ various types of advanced maintenance and repair products to aid the recovery of customer facilities damaged by heavy rain so that they can quickly return to normal. The company has developed a robust disaster recovery solution based on its experience in carrying out restoration programs related to earthquakes and disasters in Japan; this capability, combined with the Flood-Damaged Facility Recovery Program announced today, will help domestic customers minimize climate-related damage to corporate assets.”

Established in Dallas, Texas, USA in 1919, NCH has cultivated customer trust over its long history while putting safety first and developing products and technical skills covering both mechanical and chemical expertise. NCH solutions have been customized for use in more than 10,000 power plants worldwide over the past 50 years. NCH Korea boasts a team of dedicated engineers who have more than 30 years of experience working together with over 500 customers.

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NCH Corporation (, the parent company of NCH Korea, is a global industrial facility maintenance product manufacturer founded in 1919 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA. NCH currently has 8,500 professionals in offices located in 50 countries around the world, and recorded annual sales of $1 billion (1 trillion won) last year. NCH provides efficient top-quality solutions for industrial equipment maintenance, including more than 450 proprietary patented products.



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