SurplusGLOBAL completes semiconductor equipment cluster in Yongin-si to be a global semiconductor equipment hub

To play a role as a global semiconductor equipment hub
Plan to build additional cluster buildings B, C, and D by 2030

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November 03, 2022 14:25 Korea Standard Time
  • Photo: SurplusGLOBAL Semiconductor Equipment Cluster

    Photo: SurplusGLOBAL Semiconductor Equipment Cluster

YONGIN--(Korea Newswire)--On Tuesday, November 1st, SurplusGLOBAL announced that it had completed the construction of a semiconductor equipment cluster, which contains the world's most giant air-controlled semiconductor equipment warehouse located in Yongin-si, South Korea.

The 68,317m² scale of the semiconductor equipment cluster was constructed as a multi-complex including facilities for employees to use, such as a fitness center, cafe, convenience store, rooftop garden, game room, library, shower room, etc. It also included 59,504m² sized temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse, 1,167m² demo room, 1,078m² 100,000-class clean room, and 616m² 1,000-class clean room.

The CEO of SurplusGLOBAL, Bruce Kim said, "Through the completion of our semiconductor equipment cluster, the business environment, which had biased toward the distribution of used semiconductor equipment, is being expanded. We are growing our business to a refurbishment bay, equipment manufacturing center, performance evaluation business of materials, parts, and equipment, and wafer manufacturing by utilizing the world‘s best cluster infrastructure and an area of 3,600m² of clean room facilities. The semiconductor equipment cluster is looking to be activated quickly, as many of the world’s leading companies will participate. By 2030, the semiconductor equipment cluster is expected to quadruple it's more than current scale.”

“A global semiconductor equipment company, Onto Innovation Inc., has moved into the semiconductor equipment cluster and plans to train hundreds of professional semiconductor equipment workforce every year. In addition, several global semiconductor companies are expected to move in for the purpose of using for refurbishment & demonstration centers, and, is expected that more than 600 billion assets would be invested in the cluster by the end of the year,” he added.

As for the involvement of global equipment manufacturers, cooperation in the field of research and development using semiconductor equipment and personnel training projects can be expected. Through the R&D foundry business, we can quickly and accurately evaluate the performance of products from domestic small-scale companies and contribute to the Korean semiconductor ecosystem.

Meanwhile, SurplusGLOBAL is overcoming the challenging market environment by producing 300mm test wafers and diversifying its business portfolio through global parts platforms and cluster rental businesses. The business outlook for this year is expected to record higher performance than last year.


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