CKI support artists with disabilities to boost creative activities

Sponsored reopening of ‘Jamsil Art Studio,’ the first residence facility for physically challenged artists, and joined art painting to improve the studio exterior
Delivered KRW 45 MM to Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture as the 10th activity of the management-labor matching donation started last April
Management and labor collaborate to support low-income families, North Korean children, and the African region thru matching grant

News provided by Citibank Korea Inc.
Sep 05, 2013 10:48 KST

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) September 05, 2013 -- The management and labor of Citibank Korea Inc. (CEO Ha, Yung-ku, delivered 45 million Won to support the infrastructure for the creative activities of the artists with disabilities at Jamsil Art Studio in Jamsil Sports Complex located in Songpa-gu, Seoul on Nov. 4. The program was the 10th activity of the matching grant of the management and labor that has continued since Apr. last year. Under the matching fund, the bank’s executives and employees donate 10,000 Won from their monthly salary, and the bank contributes the same amount to the fund.

Jamsil Art Studio is the first residence facility dedicated to the physically challenged artists aimed at supporting their creation activities. Exterior renovation of the art center is currently going on to offer better environment to the to-be users before its re-opening on Sep. 6. The donated fund will be used to purchase varied equipments and tools such as electric easels, electric kilns, electric throwing wheels, and visual art equipments for more than 400 disabled artists annually coming to the center to make their pieces of art. Along with this, employees of the multinational bank also volunteered to do art painting to improve the exterior and the image of the center and transform the building into the community resting place. They will continue to be involved in the volunteer activities to help 13 resident artists on a regular basis.

The management and labor of Citibank Korea, based on its Collective Bargaining Agreement of 2011, started a voluntary matching donation program where the Bank puts up the same amount as its employees donate throughout the year. With this matching donation initiative, the bank’s union has staged the ‘Happiness of 10,000 Won’ campaign and deducted 10,000 Won from employees’ salary every month for the donation. A total of 1,630 executives and employees joined the campaign to collect approximately 400 million won in aggregate. The global bank has contributed 342,620,000 Won to supporting the teenagers from low-income households, unwed mothers, North Korean children and people in Africa through multiple programs under the campaign pondered on and chosen jointly by the management and the union.



Choi, Bo-In
Communications Dept.,
Citibank Korea

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