CKI, Carrying out Mentoring Program for Teenagers from Multi-Cultural Families

Donated USD 126,000 to JA Korea in support of teenagers from multi-cultural families following last year
CKI executives/ employees participated in varied personality education programs through mentor-mentee relationship

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Jan 28, 2013 10:33 KST
CKI, Carrying out Mentoring Program for Teenagers from Multi-Cultural Families

CKI, Carrying out Mentoring Program for Teenagers from Multi-Cultural Families

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) January 28, 2013 -- Citibank Korea Inc. (CEO Ha, Yung-ku, had a mentor-mentee matching ceremony for “Citi-JA Hero program” with JA Korea (, a non-profit financial education institution operating globally, at Kyeonghyang Art Hill in Jeongdong, Seoul in the morning of Jan. 28.

Citi-JA Hero Program is designed to select the teenagers from multi-cultural families who have strong desire for study and provide them with tutoring support, cultural experiences, and mentoring program. With the support of Citi Foundation, CKI donated USD 126,000 to the program just as it did last year. The teenager participants are paired with CKI executives and employees that they can come up with the challenges and get motivation to study harder and realize their dreams.

Last year, in the first year of implementation, a participating student, who was previously very passive and received poor marks at school, ranked 7th in class and gained self-confidence through the program. The other participant who had Russian mother made it to Daeil Foreign Language High School with the help of his mentor who was majoring in Russian Language and Literature.

In the matching ceremony, 80 teenagers from multi-cultural families, 50 executives or employees of Citibank Korea including Park, Jin-hei, Senior Executive Vice President, and Kim, Tae-jun, President of JA Korea, participated. Mentor executives and employees and the mentees, those teenagers from multi-cultural families, will join a variety of online and offline humanity development programs till Jun.

In the opening ceremony, Jin-hei Park encouraged the gathering mentors and mentees saying “I hope you open up your mind and understand each other as mentors and mentees to build relationship with warm heart and mutual sympathy.” Kim, Tae-joon, president of JA Korea also told the audience, “Teenagers from multi-cultural families hold greater potential to grow into talented resources than anyone else. I believe the time, knowledge, and love that Citi executives and employees share with them will become valuable assets to the adolescents with the multi-cultural background. “

For Citi-JA Hero program, undergraduate mentors were selected through document reception and interview last Sep, which was followed by the education session for the chosen mentors. The program began in earnest with the mentor-mentee matching camp for 33 mentors who were undergraduate or graduate students and 34 mentees.



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