Korea House, Unique Venue of BTS Billboard Magazine Covers, Now Offers K-Royal Cuisine to Global Palates

Summer season menu with the royal fine dining available from June 18 (Tue) to August 31 (Sat)

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July 02, 2024 14:27 Korea Standard Time
  • Korea House summer Jeongsik menu

    Korea House summer Jeongsik menu

  • Korea House dessert set “Kohojae”

    Korea House dessert set “Kohojae”

  • Front view of Korea House

    Front view of Korea House

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--Korea House, run by the Korea Heritage Agency under its Chairman Choi Young-chang, presents new summer season menu.

Located in Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea House originally served as a venue for receiving VIP guests and heads of state to introduce traditional Korean life to domestic and foreign dignitaries. It is radiating serene “Korean beauty” in central Seoul since 1981.

As a traditional cultural complex, Korea House offers Korean traditional cuisine (Korean fine dining and traditional refreshments), hosts weddings, and presents Korean traditional art performances, all contributing to its growing popularity. Known for a filming location for a BTS magazine cover, it has become one of the most favored spots for K-dramas and attracted foreign tourists eager to experience authentic Korean culture.

Its Korean fine dining presents innovative dishes using seasonal ingredients inspired by court cuisine. Under the guidance of a culinary advisor Cho Hee-sook, renowned as the godmother of Korean food and Asia’s Best Female Chef Award winner in 2020 with Kim Do-seop, certified trainee of national intangible cultural heritage ‘royal cuisine’ and head of the Korean Food Research Team at the Korea Heritage Agency, Korea House is committed to preserving and promoting Korean culinary traditions.

This summer, Korea House offers “Royal Healthy Dishes,” made with the finest ingredients such as croaker, abalone, and beef.

Its signature dinner course “Korea House Jeongsik (Dinner)” includes 11 Korean dishes from appetizers to main courses to desserts. Appetizers feature braised butterbur with seafood, deep-fried eggplant with soy sauce, stuffed summer squash with shrimp and lotus roots, and noodles in cold bean soup. The main dishes consist of cold sliced abalone with spicy sauce, steamed stuffed bamboo shoots, grilled croaker, royal hot pot, and grilled braised beef, complemented by a set of chicken soup with ginseng.

Aside from the fine dining menu, Korea House also prepares “Kohojae”, a dessert set, which comprises a variety of traditional Korean deserts and tea. Kohojae has sold out early every season since its launch in 2020. It is appealing to the younger generation and women seeking a tranquil tea experience in a hanok setting. Some visitors even come dressed in Korean traditional clothing hanbok to take photos of memorable moments.

Korea House will remain dedicated to promoting the excellence of Korean traditional food culture along with the royal cuisine.

For reservations, search “Korea House” on CatchTable Global (www.catchtable.net), or contact by phone (+82-2-2266-9101~3) or email (khre@kh.or.kr). Follow Korea House on Instagram (@koreahouse_official) for updates.

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