CADvizor Revolutionizes KARI's Geostationary Earth Orbit Communication Satellite Program with Advanced Harness Design

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June 13, 2024 15:49 Korea Standard Time
  • CADvizor Logic (Video: YURA CO., LTD)

  • GEO-KOMPSAT-3 Imaginary View (Courtesy of KARI)

    GEO-KOMPSAT-3 Imaginary View (Courtesy of KARI)

SEONGNAM--(Korea Newswire)--CADvizor has been successfully adopted as the wiring harness design CAD tool for the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)’s Geostationary Earth Orbit Korea Multi-Purpose Satellite-3 (GEO-KOMPSAT-3) project, marking its first implementation by a Korean aerospace company.

Developed entirely by a Korean wiring harness manufacturer YURA CO., LTD, the CADvizor solution, an advanced tool for complex satellite harness design, is expected to significantly reduce human error, enhance electrical design efficiency, and shorten both design and production schedules.

CADvizor is over 50% more cost-effective than other ECAD solutions. It provides top-tier security and effective technical support services, designed to meet the complex requirements of satellite projects.

The introduction of CADvizor into the satellite industry aligns with the global trend of leading aerospace companies adopting proprietary CAD design tools. Developed in Korea, CADvizor is expected to strengthen the self-sufficiency and competitiveness of the nation’s aerospace technology as a harness design CAD tool.

[1] Cost Efficiency: Over 50% cost savings compared to other ECADs
[2] Security: Delivers the highest level of security
[3] Service: Offers prompt and highly effective technical support
[4] Technological Independence: Strengthens the country’s technological independence

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