Boomi Announces New AI Agents Available on the Boomi Enterprise Platform, Enabling Unmatched Speed for Innovation

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June 12, 2024 15:20 Korea Standard Time
  • Boomi Announces New AI Agents Available on the Boomi Enterprise Platform, Enabling Unmatched Speed f...

    Boomi Announces New AI Agents Available on the Boomi Enterprise Platform, Enabling Unmatched Speed for Innovation (Graphic: Business Wire)

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA.--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Boomi™, the intelligent integration and automation leader, today announced that the six inaugural Boomi AI Agents recently unveiled at the company’s Boomi World event will be available in the Boomi Enterprise Platform as part of existing customer licenses, enabling customers to fully harness AI-powered capabilities for unparalleled innovation. These agents include:

· Boomi Answers : Save time spent searching through user community discussions and articles. Simply ask questions about Boomi and get the most useful answer from over 240K community users.
· Boomi DataDetective: Stay on top of data privacy, protect sensitive information with AI-powered data classification, and track where data is being moved.
· Boomi DesignGen : Ask GenAI to design integration processes based on 200M+ common patterns and best practices.
· Boomi GPT: Describe integration and automation needs using natural language and have conversations with the Boomi Enterprise Platform to get more meaningful results, faster.
· Boomi Pathfinder : Provide patented suggestions on the next best steps to take when building integration processes.
· Boomi Scribe : Skip manually writing documentation about existing and AI-generated integration processes, and let GenAI handle the busywork of detailing process descriptions and business use cases.

To accelerate innovation, Boomi recently introduced the Boomi AI Agent Framework, a set of integration and no-code development capabilities that enable business and IT users to run AI agents built by Boomi or Boomi partners, and to build and run their own AI agents to solve pressing integration and automation requirements.

“AI agents are revolutionizing industries by automating repetitive tasks, analyzing vast datasets, and offering personalized customer service,” said Steve Lucas, CEO at Boomi. “Data is the lifeblood of AI, especially with pre-trained transformers and LLM’s. Boomi delivers that data, and the Boomi AI Agents improve efficiency, accuracy, and scalability for organizations by operating around the clock with high precision, enhancing decision-making, supporting human workers, and driving innovation. These capabilities lead to increased productivity and cost savings, making them invaluable assets for organizations to maintain a competitive edge.”

AI agents are sophisticated software entities designed with a specific scope and personality, enabling them to function within predefined parameters and exhibit particular behaviors. Operating autonomously, they can make decisions using advanced AI-based reasoning algorithms, and can independently take actions to achieve their objectives. AI agents can function with or without human intervention. Additionally, AI agents can either work independently or collaborate with other AI agents, depending on the requirements of the task at hand. This flexibility and autonomy make AI agents highly versatile and capable of performing a wide range of functions across various applications, improving decision-making processes with data-driven insights, and powering innovation by enabling new applications and services.

The Boomi AI Agent Framework includes three types of agents running on the Boomi Enterprise Platform:

Boomi AI Agents

Boomi AI Agents provide AI-powered capabilities within the platform. These capabilities can be utilized through the Boomi GPT conversational user interface (CUI), via specialized GUI, in the process canvas, or via API.

Partner AI Agents

Partner AI agents are pluggable components that allow Boomi Enterprise Platform users to install and use best-of-breed AI functions from Boomi’s network of partners. These agents can be utilized in the same way as Boomi AI Agents, and allow rich capabilities to be incorporated from across the digital ecosystem. An example is the recently announced Boomi FinTalk powered by Vianai agent that allows business users to get detailed responses on financial information via Boomi GPT.

User-created AI Agents

User-created AI agents are developed using the Boomi Enterprise Platform, which provides all the necessary building blocks. Boomi’s connectivity and orchestration capabilities enable users to interact with selected models via API, access proprietary data sources, and automate actions through various applications. The Boomi platform’s process canvas allows the creation of sophisticated workflows to retrieve, combine, filter, and contextualize data, facilitating model prompting and techniques like RAG and fine-tuning. Boomi DataHub serves as an access point and repository for the agents’ knowledge base, while Boomi Flow and Boomi API Management offer human or machine interfaces to package these components into standalone AI agents.

Boomi AI Agents will be available with the July 2024 release of the Boomi Enterprise Platform. More information can be found here.

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