Innovation Meets Regulation: International Webinar Explored Effective Anti-Smoking Strategies

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April 10, 2024 10:18 Korea Standard Time

LONDON--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--We Are Innovation hosted the webinar “Innovation Meets Regulation: The 2024 Effective Anti-Smoking Policies Global Index.” This powerful talk embarked on the official start of the campaign dedicated to the launch of the anti-smoking index. The webinar, featuring Members of the European Parliament, regulatory experts, economists, and innovation experts, shed light on the regulatory frameworks regarding anti-smoking policies from the most prominent global authorities in the field.

Federico N. Fernández stated, “At We Are Innovation, we work on issues that require innovative approaches and solutions. One area we recognize as having significant potential for improvement is in innovative nicotine products. Our index encompasses a global population of 5.5 billion individuals, giving the ability to see the differences in global anti-smoking policies and windows for improvement.”

Eric Crampton added, “By showcasing the effectiveness of alternative products, the Index provides a new perspective on addressing smoking-related issues. Moving beyond punishing policies, we can advocate for better regulations that offer innovative solutions to combat smoking habits and promote healthier choices across the globe.”

Guy Bentley covered the situation in the US, “Safer e-cigarettes are seen as far more dangerous than regular cigarettes, even in comparison to the state of affairs 10 years ago which is a significant failure. Now we see the consequences of the informational blockage equal to the so-called ‘invisible graveyard’ — while the safer alternative can come to the market, the delay in the decision-making on the side of the officials that prevents, will lead to the deaths of people who could have been saved if the alternative was available.”

MEP Johan Nissinen adds on Swedish policies, “With the new government, in Sweden we introduced higher taxes on cigarettes and lower on snus. The new regulations will come in November of this year. Currently, in Sweden the number of smokers is 5,6 percent while in the EU the average rate is ~23 percent.”

Matt Ridley gave a thought on the UK regulations, “I do not smoke myself, nor I vape, but as a person who is interested in innovations, I see the superior innovative product replacing inferior one which comes together with saving a large amount of lives. When considering the risks associated with vaping, it becomes evident that it offers a significantly smaller risk in terms of carcinogens and is a safer alternative. Government’s policy on vaping has led to the opening of the vaping industry in Britain, catering to a large market of individuals seeking to quit smoking.”

“Innovative nicotine products should be accompanied by smart regulations that balance out public health interests and individual freedoms. By embracing a forward-thinking approach, we can effectively address the problem of smoking,” summed up Tetiana Rak.

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