Midea Group Breaks Revenue and Profit Records with RMB 373.7 Billion in 2023

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March 29, 2024 11:20 Korea Standard Time

FOSHAN, CHINA--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Midea Group, the world's largest home appliance supplier, has reported impressive growth and record profits in its 2023 annual report. The company achieved a total revenue of RMB 373.7 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 8.10%. Concurrently, the net profit attributable to shareholders reached RMB 33.7 billion, a year-on-year increase of 14.10%, marking the largest growth since 2019.

The company‘s success is attributed to its “Global Impact” strategy, which has resulted in overseas sales accounting for over 40% of its total sales for several years. Midea’s products have been exported to over 200 countries and regions worldwide, and it is continuously expanding its overseas manufacturing layout, promoting the construction of manufacturing bases in Indonesia, India, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Egypt, and other countries.

Midea‘s new energy and industrial technology are co-builders of digital transformation and green sustainable development in the global industrial field, consolidating its leading position in the industry. The company’s household air conditioning compressor business ranked first in 2023, claiming a global market share of 45%. Its household air conditioning and washing machine motors also secured the top spot globally, with market shares of 40% and 22%, respectively. Furthermore, the company’s New Energy automotive parts product lines are rapidly developed, with an expected shipment volume of 750,000 units in 2023, representing a year-on-year growth of 400%. Additionally, through the acquisition of energy companies such as CLOU Electronics and Hiconics Eco-energy, Midea has entered the energy storage industry, which holds immense market potential.

KUKA, a subsidiary of Midea, is one of the “Big Four” industrial robot companies globally and the second-largest heavyweight robot company based on sales in 2023. In 2023, KUKA Group reached record-high revenue and order volume, with particularly strong performance in the Chinese market.

Midea's intelligent building technology provides intelligent ecological integration solution provider for building construction. According to Frost & Sullivan, the company is the largest commercial air conditioning supplier in mainland China and the fifth-largest globally in 2023.

Midea Group has invested over RMB 14.5 billion in R&D, employing more than 23,000 research personnel globally. As of 2022, the company ranks seventh globally in total patent families, first among Chinese enterprises and the global home appliance industry, with over 28,000 invention patents.

Midea Group has approximately 200 subsidiaries, 33 research and development centers, and 40 major production bases worldwide, with over 190,000 employees. The company's impressive growth and record-breaking profits demonstrate its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and global expansion.

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