Norths Collective Personalizes Over 61000 Members’ Experiences, Expedites Expansion With Boomi

NSW-based dynamic hospitality and fitness group uses Boomi to connect digital environment and set foundation for business analytics

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February 20, 2024 15:00 Korea Standard Time
  • Norths Collective Personalizes 61000 Members’ Experiences, Expedites Expansion With Boomi (Graphic: ...

    Norths Collective Personalizes 61000 Members’ Experiences, Expedites Expansion With Boomi (Graphic: Business Wire)

SYDNEY--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Boomi™, the intelligent integration and automation leader, today announced that profit-for-purpose Norths Collective is using the Boomi platform to power personalized member experiences, bolster day-to-day operations, and accelerate expansion through industry amalgamation.

Norths Collective is a member-owned collective of eight hospitality venues and two fitness centers located on Sydney’s North Shore and in northern New South Wales. As a profit-for-purpose business, Norths Collective’s profits are channelled back to its members and the community, enabled by digital services. Norths Collective implemented Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to help drive its digital transformation strategy by allowing it to connect its siloed systems, centralize operational and member data, and ultimately improve business decision-making.

“This year will be the ‘year of enhancing integrations’ for Norths to build a business analytics practice that will enhance customer experience across our 61000 strong member base. It will help us improve how we run our venues, ensure engagement is personalized to members’ needs, and make interacting with any of our venues and fitness centres as simple as possible,” said Robert Lopez, General Manager of Customer Experience Brand & Innovation at Norths Collective. “Achieving all this starts and ends with our integrations. Boomi is the oxygen that runs through our digital transformation, allowing us to tap all information sources to maintain a 360-degree view of customers, get smarter with data, and drive better business decisions.”

Boomi enables Norths Collective to integrate Salesforce with applications used for its hospitality venues and restaurants, fitness centers, ticketing and events bookings, point of sale, and crucially, membership program and a new mobile app. Most recently, Norths Collective integrated Tableau as part of its business analytics strategy, and plans to incorporate human resources (HR) and rostering, finance and accounting, supplier systems, enterprise risk management (ERM), telephony, and social media in the near future.

Before Boomi, Norths Collective manually managed numerous point-to-point integrations, although many systems operated completely independently. This roadblocked the company’s ability to understand members’ behaviours, and therefore slowed the delivery of new services.

Norths Collective’s Boomi-connected environment has generated various advantages. Every email sent to its members is now personalized, which has resulted in a 10 percent click-through jump. With complete data visibility, Norths Collective is able to develop and share an Ethical Personalization Policy with the community, detailing how the organization is using data ethically. In future plans, Norths Collective venues will see their floor managers able to visualize staffing with live transactions to ensure resources are used as efficiently as possible. Boomi will also support Norths Collective’s effort to integrate Apple Pay and Google Pay to further enhance and streamline member sign-up through a quick and easy payment experience.

Boomi also plays a key role in Norths Collective’s expansion by expediting how quickly new facilities can be onboarded following amalgamation activity. As it stands, Norths Collective has further amalgamations planned in coming years, where newly acquired members will be able to rapidly gain access to the same benefits enjoyed by those of the broader membership.

“Our ability to scale has improved astronomically. It previously took 10 weeks to onboard a new venue into our digital landscape,” said Lopez. “We have that down to three weeks - that’s a 70 percent reduction in time to market. Boomi allows formerly siloed systems to talk to Salesforce in real time, so data no longer lives in isolation, and through this real-time integration, new members have access to our app within one minute of joining.”

Nathan Gower, Director of Australia and New Zealand at Boomi, said, “Customer experience makes or breaks businesses. The quality of every interaction, whether in person, through an app, or online, determines the likelihood of consumers coming back. Norths Collective is setting a standard for what customer experience should look like. With Boomi connecting all digital touchpoints, the collective truly understands what its members want and has optimized its workforce to ensure members’ every visit is positive.”

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