Arirang TV Taps on Juniper Networks to Enhance Its Global Reach and Showcase South Korea to Millions of Households Across the World

A Juniper-powered networking infrastructure delivering nanosecond-level latency will enable Arirang TV to deliver uninterrupted 24/7 broadcasts to households in 105 countries worldwide

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December 27, 2023 14:05 Korea Standard Time

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, today announced that Arirang TV, an international English language broadcasting network based in South Korea, has deployed multiple networking upgrades from Juniper Networks® QFX Series Switches and EX Series Switches, in support of their mission to showcase South Korea’s values, culture and arts to a global audience.

Established by the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation in 1996 to promote an accurate portrayal of South Korea to the international community and strengthen diplomatic relationships, Arirang TV highlights Korean culture and arts via three channels (Korea, World, and UN) and 10 broadcasting stations carried globally through satellite broadcasters.

To keep up with the surging global demand for Korean productions, Arirang TV sought to upgrade its networking infrastructure, prioritizing a high-speed, robust and scalable network for the main control room‘s transmission system in a 24/7 production environment with stringent formatting requirements. Additionally, to support Arirang TV’s new Network Device Interface (NDI) based video data sharing technology for their next-gen broadcasting system, significant updates were required for the existing Serial Digital Interface (SDI) environment.

Juniper’s solutions were selected to establish a stable IT framework supporting next-gen broadcasting, online media platforms, business management and information security systems. For the NDI-based smart live studio, the QFX5120 Switch was chosen for its bandwidth and performance capabilities across 10G, 25G, and 40G/100G uplink environments. This switch efficiently forms a LAN environment supporting delay-free interconnectivity for NDI core broadcasting systems, including streaming services, encoders, cameras and repeaters.

In addition, the QFX10008 Switch was deployed in the backbone of the next-generation system to enable nanosecond-level latency and a substantial Q5 ASIC capacity buffer, crucial for the system's sensitivity to video quality and delay time. To enable stability across inter-floor user networks, Arirang TV deployed Juniper’s EX3400 and EX4300 Series Switches as interlayer switches, chosen for their lower power consumption and heat generation, coupled with high performance and reliability. This capability to overcome environmental limitations was crucial due to the challenge of installing temperature and humidity control devices beyond the server room, given height constraints.

By leveraging Juniper’s solutions, Arirang TV has established robust foundations for its diverse networks. This includes a broadcasting network connected to a 100G backbone and internally segregated ‘zones’ for office, management, and security, enabling independence, safety, and efficient serviceability. Additionally, the implementation encompasses a distributed and interconnected storage area network, a demilitarized zone between internal and external networks, an internet network server farm, wireless networks, as well as a multicast network for a live NDI production environment.

Empowered by Juniper, Arirang TV’s upgraded networking infrastructure provides a robust and scalable platform, which is crucial as it continues to expand globally. This will allow them to broadcast real-time content consistently, showcasing the richness of South Korea's values, culture, and arts to millions of households worldwide, 24/7.

Supporting Quotes

“We are thrilled to partner with Juniper Networks on our network transformation journey, establishing the foundation for Arirang TV's future transition to a cloud-based AI-driven management system. A Juniper-powered network facilitated thorough testing of automation functions, enabling uninterrupted service during disasters, supporting service expectations with machine learning algorithms and harnessing the power of a conversational assistant that integrates with ChatGPT. We look forward to leveraging Juniper’s solutions to fully integrate and manage both wired and wireless networks, paving the way for a broadcasting station supported by an AI-driven network.”

- Heon-Jun Lee, General Manager, AI Data Informatization Center, Arirang TV

“Through our work with Arirang TV, it is an honor to contribute to the global sharing of the richness of South Korea's values, culture, and arts. Juniper’s solutions play a crucial role in enabling Arirang TV to maintain a secure, efficient and scalable service infrastructure for around-the-clock video content production and transmission, supporting massive traffic. We are confident that our solutions will empower Arirang TV in seamlessly operating and managing networks, supporting their goal to expand its reach to millions more households in the future.”

- KB Chai, Country Manager, Korea, Juniper Networks

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