“Plus Ethical Days 2023 in LaLaport Numazu” Opens to spread the word about actions and understanding for “ethical consumption.”

Japanese-style “ethical consumption,” from Shizuoka Prefecture!

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December 26, 2023 13:40 Korea Standard Time

SHIZUOKA, JAPAN--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Shizuoka Prefecture held an event at a large shopping mall in Numazu, a city at the base of Mt. Fuji, on November 25 and 26, 2023, in order to promote “ethical consumption” in Shizuoka Prefecture. We sold Fair Trade products, showcased how “ethical consumption” is done in China and Korea, and promoted the idea of creating a sustainable society.

Japanese people are well used to the ideas behind “ethical consumption.” To spread consumer behavior that is Japanese-like and makes everyone happy, Shizuoka Prefecture has carried out a range of activities, and this event was part of that.

“Plus Ethical Days 2023 in LaLaport Numazu”: on the day
* A chance to learn about ethical consumption
Customers visiting the shopping mall on weekend were able to touch ethical products, learn from talks, and listen eagerly to student initiatives. Initiatives in China and Korea were presented on panels, and people seeing them could understand how this was expanding globally. This was a chance for customers to take another look at their consumption habits.

About the event’s home, Shizuoka Prefecture

Shizuoka Prefecture is located almost in the middle of Japan. As symbolized by Mt. Fuji, a World Heritage site, it is rich in natural beauty with mountains, seas, and lakes. It could almost be termed a “Japan in miniature.” International manufacturers can be found here, and our manufacturing industry is active, producing products such as food and beverages, transportation equipment, and more.

Contents of “Plus Ethical Days 2023 in LaLaport Numazu”
Shizuoka Prefecture used this event to showcase local ethical consumption and world trends for its inhabitants.

What is ethical consumption?
“Ethical consumption” is choosing products and services based on whether or not they are considerate to humans, society, or the environment.
- Choosing products with low environmental impact.
- Choosing products that support local economies or traditional cultures.
- Choosing products that are made in developing countries, and traded fairly for appropriate prices.
- Choosing products that solve social issues such as poverty or climate change.
And so on...

Ethical consumption in Japan is based on traditional Japanese views of valuing things and being grateful for getting things.

The ethical spirit rooted in Japan
The ideas and spirit of ethical consumption have long spread in Japan.
(1) Mottainai (that’s a waste)
This is a word that expresses the desire to value things, resources, energy and so on, and not waste them.
(2) Sampo-yoshi (three-ways good)
This is a marketing idea in which sales should contribute to the happiness of not just the buyer and seller, but the broader community as well.
(3) Hotoku (moral requital)
This is an idea that promotes a fusion between economics and morality, and says that if you contribute to society, then some day your good deeds will return to you.

Shizuoka Prefecture is carrying out initiatives to promote ethical consumption in each of the areas of People, the Environment, and the Region.

Shizuoka Prefecture’s Initiatives
- Fujinokuni Fukusanpin One Product per Person Movement
“Fujinokuni Fukusanpin” (Lucky Products from Fuji Country) is the name we have given to products made by the disabled welfare services office, and we are promoting a “one product per person” movement. We sell “fukusanpin” products to provide support to allow the disabled to become economically independent.

- Fujinokuni Cool Challenge
We are rolling out the “Cool-Po” app to combat global warming as a way to let people take action for decarbonization while having fun.
- 6Rs Residents’ Campaign
We are calling for efforts to prevent marine plastic waste from flowing into the ocean, such as reducing the amount of marine plastic debris generated, and through clean-ups.

Region (Community)
- Encouraging local industry
We provide support for events and fairs held by local industry bodies to spread the word among prefectural residents about how good local industry is, and get this awareness to lead to purchasing.

We have also presented initiatives related to ethical consumption in China and Korea, which are using different approaches to Japan, to get people to see what world trends are.

Ethical consumption initiatives incorporating ICT
In China, they use information communication technology (ICT) to create a diverse range of communication networks between consumers and companies. One good example of this is the mini-program Ant Forest contained in Alipay, China’s electronic money app. By paying things like utilities bills with Alipay, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions saved are converted into Eco Points. In this mini-program, you grow virtual trees, and once these young trees have reached a certain standard, a real tree is then planted in a donated region of desert.

Fair trade is a popular form of ethical consumption in Korea. The private sector, the government, and educational institutions work together to carry out a range of activities related to fair trade. In 2017, Incheon and Bucheon were the first places in Korea designated as Fair Trade Towns, and in 2018, Seoul became the world’s first Fair Trade Town of a population over 10 million. In addition, in 2019 the Fair Trade School and Fair Trade University both opened. This shows that the government and educational institutions are taking the issue seriously.

Event Overview
Event name: “Plus Ethical Days 2023 in LaLaport Numazu”
Event dates: Saturday, November 25, and Sunday, November 26, 2023
Venue: LaLaport Numazu (301-3 Higashihara, Higashishiiji, Numazu, Shizuoka, 410-8541)
No. of attendees: Approx. 2,000
Sponsor: Shizuoka Prefecture

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