Cega Launches First On-Chain Dual Currency Product, Partners with Lido on Highest Yield stETH Strategy

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December 01, 2023 10:40 Korea Standard Time

SINGAPORE--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Cega Finance (“Cega”) announces the launch of its Dual Currency strategy to unlock new yield opportunities for the Liquid Staking ecosystem, providing returns of 22%+ APY for stETH or ETH holders. This collaboration with Lido taps into the rapidly expanding Liquid Staking market and continued growth of Ethereum, where Cega‘s structured investment expertise meets Lido’s staking leadership to fuel a real yield revolution.

The Liquid Staking ecosystem has grown +106% in size in the last year, and shows no signs of slowing down. More than a quarter of all ETH in circulation is staked, and a third of that is directly in Lido. Lido’s stETH market alone, currently valued at over $16 billion, represents the significant emergence of a new capital market structure.

A major problem in the billion-dollar Liquid Staking market today is lack of yield opportunities for stETH holders, limited to around ~3% APY without delving into leveraged or higher-risk strategies. Cega’s new Dual Currency product solves this by offering DeFi investors an innovative yet simple way to earn at the highest stETH and ETH yield in the market of 22%+ real yield through options trading.

Since launching in 2022, Cega has become the leader in on-chain structured investments by building innovative products that earn investors safer, higher real yields through exotic options. Over $300M in volume has been transacted to date.

The launch of the Dual Currency strategy is exciting for a number of reasons. “We're pioneering a new era in DeFi by introducing Dual Currency, integrating one of the most sought-after structured products with yield-bearing DeFi tokens.” said Arisa Toyosaki, CEO & Co-Founder at Cega. “Our innovation not only delivers attractive returns in the current market environment, but also continues our journey of expanding the untapped potential of DeFi through exotic options innovation.”

The Lido team echoes this enthusiasm for the potential of Cega‘s Dual Currency products. “We are excited to see innovative strategies such as Cega’s Dual Currency products that enhance the utility of stETH by giving holders more options and opportunities to utilize their stETH.” said Kenneth Tan, DeFi Generalist Contributor at Lido.

Cega has prioritized security and safety with their release of the Dual Currency products to provide peace of mind for investors. A comprehensive security audit with Ottersec was conducted, and Cega also received security consulting from Code4rena’s top auditor during live code development.

Cega‘s launch of the Dual Currency strategy marks a major win for the Liquid Staking ecosystem, and illustrates what’s achievable when innovation converges with market needs. With more innovation on the horizon for early 2024, Cega is redefining the landscape of structured investments and expanding the frontiers of safer, real yield in DeFi.

To explore Cega's new products and begin your investment journey, visit https://app.cega.fi.

About Cega:

Cega is a decentralized structured investments protocol that helps investors earn high fixed yield on their USDC stablecoin. Cega strategies deliver yield enhancement, principal protection, and more, to an investor’s diversified DeFi portfolio. Now accessible on Ethereum, Solana, and Arbitrum.

Use of Cega’s Portal and Services is subject to the Cega Terms of Service. Access and use of the Cega Portal and Services is subject to a range of risks, including financial risk including potential loss of funds. The Cega Portal and Services are not offered to persons or entities who are U.S. Persons, Restricted Persons, or Sanctioned Persons (as defined in the Cega Terms of Service). Access and use by such persons is expressly prohibited.

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About Lido:

Lido Finance is a middleware liquid staking solution deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, aiming to onboard the next wave of institutional adopters to DeFi. Lido Finance is integrated with decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain and is the largest liquid staking protocol by total value locked (TVL) on Ethereum.

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