FESCARO Emerges as Automotive Cybersecurity Leader with Certification Grand Slam Triumph

Hands-on experience in obtaining all UN R155/156 related certifications
Providing a one-stop solution tailored to customers’ needs
SMBs and emerging automakers prefer ‘Cybersecurity Tier 0.5’ company FESCARO

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November 27, 2023 09:00 Korea Standard Time
  • FESCARO Emerges as Automotive Cybersecurity Leader with Certification Grand Slam Triumph

    FESCARO Emerges as Automotive Cybersecurity Leader with Certification Grand Slam Triumph

SUWON--(Korea Newswire)--FESCARO, a pioneer in automotive cybersecurity, today announced a groundbreaking achievement: becoming the first company in South Korea to attain a Grand Slam in consulting and delivering all four major international automotive cybersecurity certifications for its clients, while complying with international laws and standards.

As automotive software technology advances, so do cybersecurity vulnerabilities and hacking threats. In response, the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE WP.29) enacted regulations on automotive cybersecurity (UN R155, R156) in 2020. These mandate that automakers seeking to sell vehicles in the 27 EU countries must obtain three critical certifications: CSMS (Cyber Security Management System), SUMS (Software Update and Management System), and VTA (Vehicle Type Approval). It applies to all new vehicle types from July 2022 and all new vehicles produced from July 2024.

FESCARO played a pivotal role in helping K Group, a global automaker, achieve all the certifications over three years since 2021, demonstrating its ability to deliver practical and effective solutions. Its comprehensive approach included integrated regulatory consulting, TARA (Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment), security solutions, customized engineering, security testing, deployment of mass production, IT infrastructure, and Security Gateway (SGW).

FESCARO also secured Kanavi Mobility, a global controller development company, the ISO/SAE 21434 certification in April 2023. This international standard for cybersecurity engineering provides the criteria for implementing CSMS.

Born from the synergy of an automotive electronic system developer and a white hat hacker, FESCARO delivers practical and tailored solutions to its customers’ varied needs. The company successfully developed a unique software solution compatible with HSM (Hardware Security Module) for a global automaker, empowering them to meet security requirements without replacing existing semiconductor chips. Compared to traditional methods, this solution resulted in significant cost, workforce, and time savings of over 50%.

FESCARO's automotive cybersecurity solution, equipped with internationally patented technology, became the first in South Korea to obtain FIPS 140-2 certification from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), validating its security reliability for use by the U.S. Department of Defense. Additionally, FESCARO attained Automotive SPICE Level 2, a development process evaluation model for enhancing automotive software quality. The solution has been applied to 11 vehicle types from five global automakers.

FESCARO’s international standing is further underscored by its strategic partnerships with the world’s first and second-leading automotive semiconductor companies. The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation has also earned it recognition as one of the ‘Top 10 Automotive Solutions Providers 2023’ by CIOReview APAC.

“FESCARO has excelled in fulfilling the cybersecurity tier 0.5 role and has garnered recognition for its practical capabilities throughout the vehicle lifecycle. Our competitive edge lies in our proactive approach,” stated Seok-min Hong, CEO of FESCARO.

“We are committed to providing even more advanced and sophisticated solutions based on our extensive experience and success cases. If you are facing challenges with automotive software, FESCARO is here to identify technical breakthroughs and provide support along the way,” said Hyun-jung Lee, CTO of FESCARO.


FESCARO is a company specializing in automotive cybersecurity co-founded in 2016 by an automotive electronic system developer and a white hat hacker. It has been expanding the business to include the next-generation ECU and SDV (Software-Defined Vehicle) solutions, making practical breakthroughs to realize the ‘Mobility for All’.

Website: http://www.fescaro.com

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