Eighteenth edition of Fujio Cup Quiz won by Kasturba Medical College, India in the NCRM NICHE 2023 international stem cell meeting.

Edogawa NICHE Prize award ceremony honoring Dr Craig Venter to be held in Toronto, Canada.

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October 20, 2023 16:50 Korea Standard Time
  • Bringing together, all stakeholders involved in research on physical, chemical, and biological realm...

    Bringing together, all stakeholders involved in research on physical, chemical, and biological realms, biomaterials, and tissue engineering systems to develop novel solutions in regenerative medicine has been the major goal and accomplishment of NCRM NICHE, in the past 18 years. Winners and finalists of Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ), the “FCQ Elites” are qualified to nominate the candidates for the Edogawa NICHE Prize. The inaugural prize in 2018 was awarded to Prof. James E. Till for discovery of stem cells, jointly with Prof. Ernest McCulloch. 2019 prize was awarded to Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg, for his pioneering work in adoptive immunotherapies and in 2020 to Dr. John Craig Venter for his research in synthetic biology and the human genome. NCRM NICHE team is progressing in research on implications of microgravity, synthetic chemical concoctions, and biological response modifiers, on cellular senescence and immune modulation to develop solutions, especially for rare diseases and unmet needs. (Graphic: Business Wire)

TOKYO--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Harshavardhan Sai Sadineni and Srived Meda of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India, won the XVIII Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) on Stem cells and Regenerative medicine (RM) in the NCRM NICHE 2023; Sri Ramachandra Institute for Higher Education and Research, India and Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia emerged as runners and joined the team of FCQ elites, a privilege bestowed on those who reach the final stage of the multi-level international contest including a quiz in RM, thereby qualifying to nominate the candidate(s) to Edogawa NICHE Prize, instituted in 2018. The Edogawa NICHE Prize awardee of 2020, Dr John Craig Venter will deliver his lecture at the UHN Ajmera Transplant Center, on the 25th October 2023, in conjunction with the Training Program in Regenerative Medicine (TPRM) at the University of Toronto, co-hosted by German Society for Stem Cell Research (GSZ).

FCQ is an active knowledge gaining event in RM started in 2006 in India, as a part of NCRM NICHE, the inaugural anniversary commemorative event of Nichi-in Centre for Regenerative medicine (NCRM), held every October, conducted in Tokyo 2017~2019, and now virtually. NCRM NICHE has triggered novel ideas and collaborations yielding cutting edge solutions in cell therapies such as the Buccal epithelium Expanded and Encapsulated in Scaffold-Hybrid Approach to Urethral Stricture (BEES HAUS) with clinical studies of safety & efficacy and preclinical evidence, tissue engineering technologies for transplant suitable human chondrocytes for cartilage repair with age reversal in vitro, optimized solutions for transport of cells and tissues for processing between hospitals and cell processing facilities. Through a global inter-disciplinary networking, disease modifying adjunct solutions developed for unmet needs viz., Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), multiple sclerosis (MS), Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and Parkinson’s disease (PD), were presented in the Inter-disciplinary Conclave (IDC).

Prof. Dr. Mihai G. Netea, Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands, talked on Trained immunity and innate host defense, Dr Shojiro Katoh, President, Edogawa Hospital, on Novel tissue engineering technology enhancing cell therapies for cartilage repair, Mr. Yasutoshi Nishikawa, on Biomaterials for bone reconstruction and Dr Dedeepiya Devaprasad, on Gut microbiome, Gut-brain-axis & Brain health, moderated by Prof. Dr. Jurgen Hescheler, University of Cologne, Germany.

NCRM with cell biology and biomaterial laboratories, in collaboration with academic and industry partners in Japan are researching on the basic origin of diseases at cellular level taking cues from immune system evolution across phylogeny, in vitro culture systems and in vivo biological responders.

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