DIC Develops the MEGAFACE™ EFS Series of Environment-Friendly High-Performance PFAS-Free Surfactants

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August 04, 2023 14:30 Korea Standard Time
  • DIC Develops the MEGAFACE™ EFS Series of Environment-Friendly High-Performance PFAS-Free Surfactants...

    DIC Develops the MEGAFACE™ EFS Series of Environment-Friendly High-Performance PFAS-Free Surfactants (Photo: Business Wire)

TOKYO--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) August 04, 2023 -- DIC Corporation (TOKYO:4631) today announced the development of the MEGAFACE™ EFS series of environment-friendly surfactants that deliver a performance rivaling that of conventional fluorosurfactants despite not containing perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs). These new products are suitable alternatives to fluorosurfactants for diverse applications, including displays, semiconductors, automobiles and coatings. The Company will promote the series in Japan, other East Asian markets, Europe and the United States, among others, targeting industries ranging from electronic materials to electric vehicles (EVs) and batteries, and aims to achieve annual sales of ¥5 billion by fiscal year 2030.

Fluorosurfactants, added in small amounts, lower the surface tension of liquids, improving emulsification and surface activity. They thus play a key role in detergents, coatings and industrial products, among others. However, concerns regarding latent environmental risks associated with PFASs have prompted debate over regulating these substances, particularly in Europe and the United States. This has driven up demand for the development of PFAS-free alternatives to fluorosurfactants.

DIC embarked on the development of a PFAS-free surfactant in a proactive response to rising global needs for sustainable alternatives to fluorosurfactants. Leveraging its proprietary technologies and environment-friendly raw materials, the Company succeeded in creating the MEGAFACE™ EFS series of products boasting surface activity equal to or better than that of conventional fluorosurfactants. While realizing PFAS-free surfactants that rival fluorosurfactants on the performance front has been seen as a difficult challenge, DIC has achieved this goal with the MEGAFACE™ EFS series of products with an ability to reduce surface tension as good or greater than that of fluorosurfactants, thereby ensuring excellent coating uniformity (leveling behavior).

Customers who usually use fluorosurfactants have rated the new series highly. Going forward, DIC will seek to build a market-leading position by offering these products globally as an alternative that contribute to the sustainability of industrial activity and the reduction of environmental risks.

In the DIC Vision 2030 long-term management plan, DIC sets forth a basic strategy of expanding its Functional Products business with a focus on sustainable products. The DIC Group will continue to leverage its extensive expertise and technical capabilities in synthetic resins to accelerate product development and sales and contribute to solving social issues.

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