Gridwiz Validates V2G Charging Technology in Smart Green Industrial Complex-Microgrid Project

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June 30, 2023 09:00 Korea Standard Time
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SEONGNAM--(Korea Newswire)--Gridwiz, a Korea-based energy clean-tech company, announced the successful validation of its V2G (Vehicle to Grid) charging technology through the Smart Green Industrial Complex-Microgrid Project.

An industrial complex in Changwon, Korea, is used as the project base to test whether electricity could be supplied to customers by leveraging hydrogen fuel cells, photovoltaic power, and other clean energy sources along with chargers and EV resources with ESS and V2G capabilities, without relying on utility power.

As a project participant, Gridwiz’s role is to build and operate V2G charging stations, and the Company reaped success in performing technology validations on the export of electricity stored on EVs modified for V2G functionality to customers through V2G chargers. Gridwiz recently joined the 15118-20 Testing Symposium hosted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to successfully verify the modem (SECC) mounted on its chargers for V2G communication compatibility and security performance, aptly demonstrating the Company’s technological maturity across the global market.

Korea where Gridwiz is headquartered is still progressing with its institutions and laws pertaining to V2G, and there exist significant entry barriers even for the most technologically prepared companies. These barriers, however, may topple soon with the advent of a bill proposed to mandate V2G technology for EVs and chargers.
Korea is experiencing the constant rise of curtailment issues amid the increased availability of renewable energy sources. Gridwiz’s V2G technology will play a pioneering role in further unleashing the potential of EV batteries as a solution to address the increasingly aggravating intermittency issue of renewable energy.

One official at Gridwiz clearly asserted, “We at Gridwiz have developed our V2G charging technology and validated its performance to quickly keep abreast with the changing market. Not only do we support V2G technology, but we will also lead the market so that EVs and chargers assume an even more important role on the grid”.

About Gridwiz

Gridwiz is an energy-tech company that delivers solutions enabling the seamless grid integration of renewable energy. Gridwiz engages in DER (Distributed Energy Resources) aggregation and operates DR (Demand Response), energy battery storage, electric vehicles, and renewable energy among others. The company operates nearly 3GW of distributed energy resources on the back of its energy data to provide energy services to over 1,000 industrial customers. More information is available on the official website.



Yoonhye Choi, Strategy Planning Team

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