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June 27, 2023 13:00 Korea Standard Time
  • Somaemuldo Lighthouse photo (Photo: Kim, Dul-ja) (Copyright: Tongyeong City)

    Somaemuldo Lighthouse photo (Photo: Kim, Dul-ja) (Copyright: Tongyeong City)

  • Tongyeong Night Tour Logo

    Tongyeong Night Tour Logo

TONGYEONG--(Korea Newswire)--Tongyeong, a port city located in southern part of Korea, is performing a range of activities to attract overseas travelers in order to activate tourism, which was stagnated by COVID-19.

Located in a one-hour and thirty-minute distance from Busan, Tongyeong is a coastal city consisting of 192 islands that is full of exotic things to enjoy.

1. Filming Location for Internationally Popular TV Shows

Jangsado Sea Park, which is famous as a filming location for the globally popular TV shows “Running Man” and “My Love from the Star,” offers a beautiful garden surrounded by the magnificent sea where camellias and hydrangeas are in full bloom by season. Try taking selfies in this popular filming location to add to the fun of your travel in Tongyeong.

2. Ocean View Adventure Attraction along the South Sea

Tongyeong is a city where you can properly enjoy the South Sea at the southern end of the beautiful Korean peninsula. Tongyeong Cable Car, the longest cable car in Korea, is another famous tourist attraction of this city. The view of the vast sea and picturesque coastlines you can enjoy from the cable car will make you fall in love with the charm of this small Korean city.

Tongyeong also has Skyline Luge, the first of its type opened in Korea, from which you can enjoy the magnificent view of the South Sea. During summer, it opens at night to offer an opportunity to enjoy the night view.

3. The Unforgettable Starry Night in Tongyeong

Tongyeong was designated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as the 1st Korea’s Night Tourism City. Gangguan Port, the center of Tongyeong tourism, is a celebrated location where you can enjoy the tranquil and romantic night view of this small city.

The best way to enjoy the night view of Tongyeong is to take a water taxi. Take a water taxi through the “Tongyeong Night Sea Night Tour,” and enjoy a ride around Gangguan Port and the Tongyeong Canal to find Tongyeong from a different perspective.

Dpirang, one of the 100 Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Korea in 2023 - 2024, is Korea’s first outdoor media art park that opens only at night. Experience the feeling of being a character of a fairytale with the media art attraction installed along the Nammangsan Sculpture Park walking trail.

4. Special Local Delicacies and Spacious Accommodations with Fantastic View

Tongyeong, a port city, offers an abundance of fresh seafood. Tongyeong oyster, especially, is one of the most famous seafoods in Korea. At around USD 20, you can enjoy a variety of oyster dishes, such as seasoned fresh oysters, steamed oysters, and deep-fried oysters.

Kkulbbang, a honey-coated donut with sweet red bean filling, is Tongyeong’s signature snack. For tourists fond of liquor, “Dajji,” Tongyeong’s unique drinking culture, is recommended. When you order liquor in a Dajji restaurant, you will be served with an assortment of food selected by the chef.

In Tongyeong, you can find a variety of accommodation facilities ranging from guesthouses to hotels and pool villas. If you want to make a special memory of your travel, try staying at “Pension,” a Korean-style accommodation. Cheaper than hotels, pensions offer more spacious rooms. You can also enjoy a barbecue with your family and friends.

For more information on Tongyeong attractions, visit the official website.

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