EGGDROP Collaborates with Diverse K-content to Boost Global Marketing Efforts

“EGGDROP's K-content collaboration spurs F&B brand preference and global awareness”
EGGDROP Supports Production of Follow-up Season of Global Successful K-Drama

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May 09, 2023 17:33 Korea Standard Time
  • EGGDROP on Korean Englishman YouTube Channel

  • ‘The Uncanny Counter Season 2’ © ‘tvN Drama’ Official Instagram (Photo: tvN)

    ‘The Uncanny Counter Season 2’ © ‘tvN Drama’ Official Instagram (Photo: tvN)

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--EGGDROP, the premium egg sandwich brand of Golden Hind (CEO Young-woo Noh), has recently announced its support for the production of a drama in the latter half of this year and collaborate with a world-famous YouTube channel to strengthen its brand preference and accelerate global marketing.

In March, EGGDROP signed a production support contract for the upcoming drama “The Uncanny Counter Season 2” (scheduled to air on tvN in July 2023, production Studio Dragon, Betty & Creators). Based on its original webtoon, the drama has already gained immense popularity among global audiences on Netflix. The first season of the drama premiered on OCN, a Korean TV station specializing in movies, and recorded the highest ratings (11%, Nielsen Korea) ever for a drama in January 2021.

EGGDROP will also release collaborative content with the famous YouTuber “Korean Englishman”. Through these collaborations, the company aims to further enhance its brand's popularity among Korean consumers as a “healthy and delicious” brand. Furthermore, EGGDROP aims to expand its reach among global MZ consumers who have a strong affinity for delicious Korean-style sandwiches.

In recent years, EGGDROP has successfully expanded its business and reach with the opening of the ‘Global 1st Store’ in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Incheon International Airport store in December 2022. The company has also been working hard to maintain strict quality control and develop new menus.

“Since the reopening, the number of foreign EGGDROP fans visiting our Incheon International Airport, Hongdae, and Dongdaemun stores has increased significantly,” said Young-woo Noh, CEO of Golden Hind. “If there a global content that can be a win-win with our healthy and delicious brand, we will actively cooperate with them to let more people taste EGGDROP.”

EGGDROP Overview

Egg Makes Better, EGGDROP.
EGGDROP is a premium egg sandwich brand inspired by “complete food” eggs which cook a healthy meal around scrambled eggs made with A+ grade eggs and fresh ingredients.

Golden Hind Overview

Golden Hind is a young and innovative company that advocates “Food Venture” as a restaurant franchise corporation established in 2017 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Currently, EGGDROP is the leading business and incubating various other brands.

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