Dabeeo Signs MOU with Saba Legend to Monitor Palm Oil Plantation in Malaysia Using Ultra-precision Satellite Images

Dabeeo sets its foot onto the crop analysis market by diversifying the use of satellite images
Plans to collaborate with Malaysian plantations to manage palm trees and increase palm oil productivity

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May 04, 2023 15:32 Korea Standard Time
  • Dabeeo signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Saba Legend, a Malaysian GIS company company,...

    Dabeeo signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Saba Legend, a Malaysian GIS company company, for the purpose of monitoring the health status of palm trees on plantations using AI technology and various satellite images (Photo: Dabeeo)

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--Dabeeo Inc., a geospatial information technology company based on AI, has announced its plan to introduce AI analysis technology using ultra-precision (30cm-level) satellite images to monitor palm tree plantations in Malaysia.

Dabeeo concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Saba Legend, a Malaysian GIS company, on April 28, 2023, with the aim of periodically monitoring the health of trees and promptly identifying undernourished palm trees through technical collaboration.

The palm oil plantation that has corporated with Saba Legend covers an area of about 300km2, the size of about 42,000 football fields. The two companies will jointly seek opportunities to explore precision farming in order to save the time and cost spent for managing a large-scale farm by leveraging Dabeeo's AI technology.

Dabeeo previously conducted an analysis of certain plantation areas by using a specific band (Red-NIR) of satellite images to derive NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), a representative indicator of vegetation status.

Based on this experience, Dabeeo aims to use its AI analysis technology in future collaboration to analyze the vegetation indices of palm trees based on 30-centimeter-level ultra-precise satellite images at regular intervals, visualize the related data, and deliver it to the farm, contributing to the operations of palm oil plantations.

Mohamed Ishaber Hassan, CEO of Saba Legend, said, “Managing and monitoring a large palm oil farm requires a great amount of labor and time. We are very optimistic with Dabeeo corporations, given that Sabah is a land mass state in Malaysia where 68% is covered with forest. The efficient management using Dabeeo's technology and satellite images will be highly conducive to the management of palm oil productivity. We hope that it can also lead to further discussions for the carbon markets.”

At the MOU ceremony, Dabeeo’s Vice President Victor Choi commented, “Dabeeo‘s AI technology can realize its full potential when using satellite images in various manners, such as identifying different types of trees in Saba. Through this agreement, we hope to establish a good case in which Dabeeo’s technology is successfully used in the vegetation environment field.”

About Dabeeo Inc.

Dabeeo’s mission is to provide artificial intelligence technologies to reduce repetitive and exhausting operations that have been performed by humans and assist in efficient operation processing and fast decision-making. Dabeeo is having discussions over potential business cooperation on geospatial information technology based on AI with companies at home such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and China and abroad thanks to its partnership with Airbus DS.

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