NOX Introduces Bio-Circular Balanced PVC Saving 114% Carbon Emission to its Entire Products

Introduced Bio-Circular Balanced PVC saving 114% carbon emission to all products for the first time in the world, presenting a standard for sustainability in the flooring industry.
NOX plans to convert more than 95% of major raw materials that make up flooring into sustainable raw materials that contribute to carbon reduction within this year.
NOX declares to produce 100% recyclable products only.

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February 01, 2023 14:15 Korea Standard Time
  • NOX Corporation introduces the world’s first Bio-Circular Balanced PVC to its entire products (Photo...

    NOX Corporation introduces the world’s first Bio-Circular Balanced PVC to its entire products (Photo: NOX Corporation)

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--NOX Corporation (CEO Dan Koh), a global Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) manufacturer, declared its world’s first plan for the transition to sustainable raw materials contributing to carbon reduction in all products. The NOX's latest announcement focuses on the intention to replace more than 95% of the main raw materials constituting flooring materials with sustainable raw materials.

For PVC, which accounts for the largest portion of raw materials for flooring materials, NOX uses Bio-Circular Balanced PVC, a sustainable raw material, which is produced using discarded resources such as waste cooking oil and has been verified to have a higher carbon reduction effect - 114% compared to that of conventional PVC. It also obtained the international certification of ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification PLUS), which is regarded as the most reliable in the field of sustainable certification.

NOX's new Acoustic SetaGrip, made of Bio-Circular Balanced PVC, is manufactured using sustainable raw materials and a non-adhesive installation method that significantly saves time and cost and has been selected for spaces where the environment for public health is important, such as major hospitals and schools, in the United States, eliciting a positive market response in a short period of time.

NOX announced its ambition to set the standard for sustainable flooring and declared that all finished products would be 100% recyclable. As the first and only company in the world to utilize Integrated Vertical Production (IVP) and non-adhesive installation method, NOX has led the global innovation in LVT flooring and with this declaration, it plans to grow into a circular IVP company and realize sustainability in all stages of production.

Dan Koh, CEO of NOX, said, “NOX aims to redefine and lead the sustainability standard of flooring based on NOX's world-first innovations and integrated vertical production system that has been leading the global LVT flooring market. As a start, NOX has taken a bold step toward committing to sustainability by using Bio-Circular Balanced PVC for all products with the goal of 100% sustainable raw material conversion and declaring producing recyclable products only. More announcements will come this year about our sustainability innovations contributing to carbon reduction, and we would like your anticipation and interest.”

Products and technologies with NOX‘s sustainability solutions can be verified at ‘TISE 2023 (The International Surface Event 2023)’ held in Las Vegas, US, from January 31 to February 2, 2023 (local time).

About NOX Corporation

Having know-how in floor engineering and expertise in new materials accumulated for more than 50 years, NOX is a company with the largest global market share in commercial luxury vinyl tile (LVT). NOX is known for its excellent reputation for differentiated multi-layer structure technology, the world's largest number of designs, and unparalleled quality. The company has experienced a steady increase in demand for its most sustainable products with high durability that can be used for a longer period and recycled into products again, especially in the US and Europe, and strengthened its position in the global market. After establishing a plant in Ohio, US in 2015, NOX is continuously strengthening its potential for growth in the global market through the expansion of the first plant and the construction of the second one in 2019. In 2021, it also began full-scale operation of its NOX ASEAN production plant equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in Vietnam.

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