Tetrate Simplifies and Accelerates Istio Adoption on Amazon With New Tetrate Istio Distro Deployment Add-on for Amazon EKS

New Tetrate Istio Distro (TID) offering, available as an add-on for EKS, makes it easier for organizations to install and operate Istio, reduces operational complexity, and ultimately achieve application security and modernization goals faster

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December 14, 2022 11:25 Korea Standard Time

SAN FRANCISCO--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) December 14, 2022 -- Tetrate, the company accelerating enterprise service mesh adoption, driving Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), and reducing the complexity of the modern hybrid cloud with its flagship Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB) product, recently announced that Tetrate Istio Distribution (TID) can now be deployed as an add-on for Amazon EKS.

Tetrate’s TID is the first Istio distro available to be deployed using the EKS add-on commands, and this new capability allows enterprises to easily implement and run Tetrate’s hardened, performant, and fully upstream Istio distribution with a few EKS add-on commands. By making TID available as an add-on, developers can install directly from the EKS console, helping organizations reduce operational complexity, while streamlining application security and modernization.

TID provides enterprises the ability to securely scale, offering a longer support period and maintenance with all required security patches, while the functionality and most of the code is identical to the standard Istio distribution. Tetrate also offers an enterprise-level support subscription for Istio and FIPS certification called Tetrate Istio Subscription.

Enterprise customers are looking to deploy Amazon EKS clusters with the Istio service mesh extension, deploy an application on an Amazon EKS Istio-enabled cluster, and implement mTLS authorization rules. IT teams and developers will be able to more efficiently configure traffic-steering intelligent rules for blue/green deployment and introduce synthetic environment conditions (circuit breaker, fault injection, request timeouts) to test their applications.

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About Tetrate

Started by Istio and Envoy co-founders and maintainers to reimagine application networking, Tetrate is an enterprise service mesh company managing the complexity of modern hybrid cloud application infrastructure. Its flagship product, Tetrate Service Bridge, provides an edge-to-workload application connectivity platform to deliver business continuity, agility, and security for enterprises on the journey from traditional monoliths to the cloud. Customers get consistent, baked-in observability, runtime security, and traffic management in any environment. Tetrate remains a top contributor to the open-source projects Istio and Envoy proxy. Find out more at www.tetrate.io.

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