Web3 and Music combine - introducing Clef

Clef is an NFT project that lets users buy on-chain music NFTs and remix their melodies to create entirely unique music NFTs

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December 08, 2022 10:55 Korea Standard Time

LONDON--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Clef, the new to market NFT gaming concept, bringing Web3 technology to the music industry has announced the launch of Clef Mixing. A feature which allows music enthusiasts to not only own their own music NFTs produced by Clef’s unique ​​music generating algorithm, but to also create their own tracks by mixing melodies themselves.

Unlike regular generative art/NFT picture collectibles, Clef melodies can be used in the metaverse or in the physical universe. Melody owners can listen and use their tracks as ringtones, soundtracks, their personal authenticator, their doorbell ring and some might even choose to use in a commercial capacity, in advertisements for example. To celebrate the launch of Clef, 15 new melodies have been introduced and the Clef algorithm calculates how unique a player’s song is, based on how many times the combination of elements is used in other melodies created within the platform, adding a further gamification element for users. As part of the launch incentive, players will also be in with the chance to mix new tracks or keep parent melodies for free. All players will have the opportunity to trial mixing selected tracks with a free trial.

Clef is built on the Waves Blockchain and is the first new project to have been accepted into the Waves Camp’s investment and incubation programme. As a participant, Clef will receive mentorship from Waves core developers and guidance from Waves ecosystem veterans, as well as get access to the full suite of services including marketing, community building, and business development support. Waves Camp was created to incubate and accelerate new ideas and projects in the Waves ecosystem, with a programme to support developers and entrepreneurs looking to build the products and services of a world enhanced by decentralized technology.

Katia, CEO and Founder of Clef comments:

“Clef aims to bring the music industry and music collectors into the blockchain space. With the growing awareness and appreciation of digital collectibles, NFTs and blockchain-based entertainment, this is an exciting space of development in the expanding Web3 sector.

“We really wanted to attract people who weren’t necessarily solely within the crypto and blockchain space as we want Clef to be as accessible as possible. That’s why we’ve deployed breeding mechanics, combining the passions of music, gaming and NFT in the build of Clef, and in turn producing what we believe to be an extremely engaging game within the blockchain space.”

Readers can access the free mixing trial on Clef here. https://clef.one/

Notes to Editors

About Clef: Clef is a brand new NFT gaming concept around NFT music. It is built on Waves blockchain and aims to create a new movement within DeFi.

Clef has created a music generating algorithm that issues NFT songs with signature electronic sounding. Players can generate a song by combining simple music elements and songs can be mixed with each other to create new tracks with advanced sounding.

Users can release their songs to the music chart, where songs compete for the listeners’ liking. This is all powered by a smart economy that delivers royalties to the owners of the best songs.

Follow Clef on Twitter here. https://twitter.com/ClefSongs

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