LOWLIT COLLECTIVE Launches Litter Picking Tongs and Tikkle Picker Kit for Plogging Made from Recycled Plastics

Developed with inspiration of the CEO, a University of Sheffield graduate, from experience in Good Gym, a volunteering organisation

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October 04, 2022 11:32 Korea Standard Time
  • LOWLIT COLLECTIVE Launches Plogging Tool Kits Made from Recycled Plastics

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--LOWLIT COLLECTIVE, a repurposing design studio, launched litter picking tongs and Tikkle Picker Kit, portable kits for plogging, made using 100% discarded plastic.

Tikkle Picker is a plogging tool created by processing small plastic pieces, which are difficult to recycle, donated from local communities.

CEO Jaesik Choi, who founded LOWLIT COLLECTIVE after his graduation from the University of Sheffield, conceived the idea for this product based on the inconvenience he had experienced in plogging while performing at the volunteer group, Good Gym, during his study in the UK. The product has been developed with the goal of reducing the items necessary for plogging, such as heavy tongs, disposable gloves, and plastic bags.

Designed after the extendable “Inspector Gadget’s arm,” Tikkle Picker resolves the length-wise limitations of conventional products. Weighing only around 40g, this foldable tool is convenient to carry for outdoor activities. The marbled pattern on the surface was achieved by combining various discarded plastic materials. With recycled HDPE plastic also applied to the joints, Tikkle Picker is made entirely of discarded plastic, which ensures convenience in separate waste collection for disposal.

To resolve the inconvenience of having to carry the rubbish tongs and a bag, LOWLIT COLLECTIVE also developed Pickers’ Bag. With tongs connected to the back of the case, this product can be attached to tracksuits that do not have pockets. In addition, the bag can be fixed on Tikkle Picker, leaving the user’s both hands free.

"I feel so lucky that I studied in a country where charity shops are in every other corner, since that has eventually led me practising sustainable consumption,” said CEO Jaesik Choi. “We developed Tikkle Picker in the hope to spread the good deeds of ‘daily activists’ for protecting the earth in everyday life.” CEO Choi added, “LOWLIT COLLECTIVE would like to give back to the community through the studio work.”

Tikkle Picker Kit was first unveiled on NAVER Happy Bean, a Korean social cloud funding platform, in September. A part of the funding proceeds will be donated to environmental and plogging organisations.

“Since before the product launch, we had received inquiries for collaboration from a number of multinational enterprises and public organisations planning ESG campaigns,” said LOWLIT COLLECTIVE Director Yoon-yi Kim. “Following the funding, we will focus on disseminating plogging culture with domestic and international partners by discovering local distributors.”


LOWLIT COLLECTIVE is a sustainable furnishing design studio that repurposes plastic with a new lease of life to create a local-community-based culture of recycling. They first coined the term “Tikkle Plastic”, referring to small-sized plastic that is not likely to be recycled. The studio has also developed a unique type of bio-composite pellets that blended Tikkle Plastics with Hemp by-products.

With multidisciplinary creative portfolios and distinguished artwork style, the studio has been invited to renowned exhibitions and also offers sustainable design consulting for its partner brands.

The studio’s key products include Taisan Bench, which was developed through LOTTE Chemical’s resource circulation social venture fostering programme, Project LOOP Social Venture: The connecting loop, Pep-side Table, which was made entirely of Pepsi bottle caps, and Reefy, a structure for an exhibition that is scheduled for release in November 2022. LOWLIT COLLECTIVE will also release interior decoration tiles at the end of this year.

LOWLIT COLLECTIVE: https://lowlit.studio/
Taisan Bench by LOWLIT COLLECTIVE: https://youtube.com/watch?v=vdzo3q7BsN8&feature=yo
Project LOOP: https://www.lottechem.com/en/media/news/477/view.d

Website: https://lowlit.co


Jaesik Choi, Founder

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