Future Markets Research Releases Market Commentary on PlantX, an Emerging Technology-Driven Leader in Plant-Based & Lifestyle E-Commerce

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June 10, 2022 16:50 Korea Standard Time

LONDON--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--The Future Markets Research Tank is proud to release market commentary on PlantX (CSE: VEGA, FRA: WNT1), an emerging technology-driven leader in plant-based and lifestyle e-commerce. To read the full report click here (https://bit.ly/3xmLt7l), or follow the link: https://bit.ly/3H5nKwW

Key Insights:

· Today, e-commerce is gradually becoming the primary method for shopping. Although spending has slowed in recent months, some regions have only recently begun to embrace e-commerce, implying that the market will recover soon as they gradually adopt online retail for the benefits it provides.
· PlantX may benefit significantly from this expected growth as one of the leaders in promoting and distributing plant-based products. The plant-based product sector is still in its infancy, which means there is a long runway for growth for young companies exploring growth opportunities in this industry.
· PlantX is uniquely positioned to benefit from the industry's rapid expansion by gradually expanding its product categories. With a growing customer base, the company is quickly becoming a go-to plant-based brand. As its online and international presence expands, more profitable opportunities will emerge.
· With the impressive growth achieved thus far and the expansive digital ecosystem PlantX have built, they hold true promise as an emerging technology-driven lifestyle and plant-based leader. If PlantX are now able to begin phasing into a lean operating model and building towards profitability, as they have indicated in a recent announcement, the company could achieve major success and would likely be well positioned to reward investors.

FMRT Commented:
"The growing trends in e-commerce and the mass adoption of plant-based eating habits are apparent in modern society. As the market continues to evolve and more technologies are developed, we are seeing more and more exciting players in these fields. In this piece, we covered several leading companies in the field, with an emphasis on PlantX. We hope that the information presented will assist in assessing the risks and opportunities of the field”.

To read the full report click here (https://bit.ly/3xmLt7l), or follow the link: https://bit.ly/3H5nKwW

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