FTR, the Spanish Blockchain Consultancy, Takes its First Steps to Enter the Korean Market

May 12, 2022 14:31 Korea Standard Time
  • Nicolás Cañizares & Palma Ramos at Nextjob, Madrid

    Nicolás Cañizares & Palma Ramos at Nextjob, Madrid

MADRID--(Korea Newswire) May 12, 2022 -- The business model generation strategic consultancy for companies focused on blockchain technology, FTR, travels to South Korea to start expanding to an international market.

FTR focuses on startups that are in a pre-seed phase or want to access a round of financing to be able to carry out the development of their digital product. This type of startup has very powerful developer teams, but they lack business strategy and vision. This is where FTR comes in, its main service being a process based on the SPRINT methodology where they analyze the assets, competition, and undiscovered markets of the business. The goal is to finish that sprint with an action plan and a business model so that companies can implement it and reach their monetary objectives. The final objective of the project is that the startups that go through them end up counting on the help of FTR for the development and implementation of the action plan defined in the previous process, placing special attention to the Key Metrics analysis and development of the established solution. To complete this process, FTR also has several venture capitals and investors, such as partners, so that its clients can access financing rounds.

Currently, FTR has already worked with several startups such as MZ Guild, Millenium, and Influapp, among others. They also have strategic partnerships which help them with more technological challenges, including companies like KPMG, Change The Block, and Metamate. The latest updates are that they have developed a partnership with Elrond, one of the biggest blockchains in Europe, which has a market cap of over 2 Billion dollars and counts more than 1,6 million active wallets. FTR is working directly with its partner Change The Block, so they can become the sixth consultancy partnership with Elrond, and are currently working directly with Moonlorian, another consultancy attached to Elrond.

Within this expansion process, they not only want to enter new markets but also develop their own new business models. Today FTR is developing a training system to promote entrepreneurship within the Blockchain world, wanting to carry out its first training focused on the world of NFTs on May 06, 2022. Within this process, FTR will facilitate access to training, while its collaborators will be the specialists who will deliver the training.

On the other hand, they are investigating the possibility of digitally transforming one of their services, and turning it into a tool with which future startups that want to enter this market can carry out their own digital processes to generate their business model.

After the undoubted success it has had in the Spanish market, FTR sets its sights on a more competitive and developed market, Korea. FTR arrives in Korea stronger than ever to help startups in this new market to evolve. They also want to close a partnership with a local company that will help them with the process of introduction and local positioning. During their stay in Korea, they want to find a technological partner that can help them with the process of generating the minimum viable product of the digital product they plan to develop.

More information about FTR:
FTR, a Lean Startup project, which was born at the end of September 2021 thanks to Nicolás Cañizares and Palma Ramos and which currently defines its service as a business transformation consultancy on the web 3.0.

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