DOV Management Launches NFT Rental and Investment Platform and the Industry’s First NFT Credit Fund

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April 15, 2022 11:55 Korea Standard Time

NEW YORK--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--DOV Management (DOV), a New York-based venture capital and private equity firm, today announced that the firm is launching the DOV NFT Hub, an NFT Rental and Investment platform, also a singular community to connect creators, collectors and investors to monetize contents centered around NFT technology. The launch reflects DOV’s presence in the $50 billion global NFT market and deepens its investment in the digital economy.

As the first DeFi NFT Rental and Investment platform under the umbrella of an investment firm, the DOV NFT Hub seeks to increase accessibility to ownership of digital assets while supporting NFT creators and investors:

· Both Individual and business collectors can leverage the DOV NFT Hub to stay alert with the latest trends of NFT industry and obtain access to any type of NFTs with a drastically reduced entry barrier, regardless of the underlying value of the original digital asset.

· Creators, and any NFT owners, will be able to grow their NFT business and monetize the otherwise dormant assets via multiple distribution channels developed by the DOV NFT Hub and DOV's proprietary fund which leverages the firm’s global investor network and sourcing pipelines. In addition, DOV will represent and empower talented creators to stay connected with potential collectors and enable partnerships to increase visibility of creators’ NFT works.

· To capture the upside opportunity in the NFT market for its investors, along the launch of the DOV NFT Hub, DOV has structured the industry’s first NFT Credit Fund (DOV NFTCF). By Investing into DOV NFTCF, investors can diversify assets allocation and secure stable return amidst the NFT bloom. The fund is going to focus on acquiring IP ownership of NFTs and offering NFT Rental services for investors looking for yield.

“The 2 pillars driving growth of NFTs and any digital content industry will be traffic and content. DOV will capitalize on the generated traffic volume along with the scale of existing crypto users. We believe the NFT market will be amplified by the transformation of the way content is created and consumed. It’s time to make digital content accessible for all based on NFT Technology. Our value proposition is to democratize digital assets as the next step,” commented David You, Founder & CEO of DOV.

With the establishment of the DOV NFT Hub, DOV will also further expand its alternative investment landscape into digital assets. While investors are searching for opportunities to safeguard their portfolio in the transformational future, DOV aims to build an ecosystem focused on digital assets in addition to its VC/PE arm. With capital already flowing to crypto and lately the NFT market, there is a significant investment opportunity around the digital content ecosystem for any stakeholders seeking stronger, more diversified and lasting financial return.

David continued, “In the coming era of the Metaverse, our digital life will become more important to us than the physical one. With the launch of our DOV NFT Hub, we are inviting creators, collectors and investors to join our NFT community, where they will have the opportunity to monetize on content based NFT technology with the potential to transform the digital economy.”

About DOV Management
DOV Management is a New York-based investment firm focused on hardcore technologies and disruptive solutions. With its flagship funds, DOV Singularity Funds (DOVSFs), DOV aims to create an investment ecosystem. The firm strives to create value by investing in great businesses where DOV’s capital, strategic insights, global relationships and operational support drive transformation. By leveraging the contrarian culture and willingness to embrace complexity, DOV identifies different paths to value across economic cycles.

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