LightCON Opens Global Pre-Registration for the New Game, Rise of Stars (ROS)

Global pre-registration for the new game, Rise of Stars (ROS) started from 13th January
SF 4x game developed on WEMIX
Started pre-registration events and NFT pre-sale

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January 14, 2022 15:50 Korea Standard Time
  • LightCON Opens Global Pre-Registration for the New Game, Rise of Stars (ROS)

    LightCON Opens Global Pre-Registration for the New Game, Rise of Stars (ROS)

SEONGNAM, SOUTH KOREA--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--The global pre-registration for Rise of Stars (ROS), a new mobile game being developed by LightCON, which is a subsidiary of WEMADE MAX (Co-CEOs: Hyunguk Chang, Gilhyung Lee) (KOSDAQ: 101730), was opened on the 13th (Thu.).

ROS is the first 4x blockchain game to be released on the WEMIX platform. Set on the vast universe, this game features elaborately designed warships and planets.

Players can enjoy battles to attack opponents and find planets containing rich resources in the galaxy in addition to drawing up strategies to expand their power through real-time massive warfare.

In particular, ROS will provide ‘Silthereum,’ a new game token, and the ‘Warship Carrier’ to which NFT is applied.

Silthereum is obtained through the exchange of ‘Silther Particles,’ which are game resources, and can be mined through the Warship Carrier only.

As Silther Particles can also be obtained through plundering among users, a fierce struggle to secure resources is expected to take place.

The global pre-registration is received on the Google Play and Apple App Store in all global regions excluding Korea and China, etc.

To celebrate the opening of global pre-registration, a number of events and the ROS NFT pre-sale will be started.

The first is an airdrop event. Among those who participate in the pre-registration and verify their participation in the official ROS Twitter, 100,000 users will be selected by lot to win a total of one million Silthereum tokens.

In addition, an event to provide approximately 1.2 million Silthereum tokens to all ROS NFT buyers and official community event participants by lot will be held.

The Warship Carrier with unique features is pre-sold through NFT application. It will be on sale in the format of random box on the WEMIX auction event page. The pre-sale will be held twice, the first from January 27 to February 3 and the second from February 10 to 17.

ROS will start global service with ‘ROS on WEMIX’ during the first quarter of this year.

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