SOSLAB Unveils Its Automotive Solid-state LiDAR ‘ML’ at CES 2022

With real-time demonstration and game to experience LiDAR’s recognition and decision-making performance, it showcased ML

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January 10, 2022 15:54 Korea Standard Time
  • SOSLAB ML Performance Video

  • SOSLAB showcased the Solid-state LiDAR ML at the CES 2022

    SOSLAB showcased the Solid-state LiDAR ML at the CES 2022

GWANGJU--(Korea Newswire)--SOSLAB is accelerating global market entry by releasing the Solid-state LiDAR ‘ML’ at the CES 2022, held from January 5 to 7.

At the CES 2022, the company drew enthusiastic responses by holding a real-time field demonstration for stable performance of the 3D Solid-state LiDAR product, which won the CES Innovation Awards 2021, and exhibiting the ‘Green Light, Red Light’ game to which the recognition and decision-making function is applied using LiDAR data.

LiDAR for automotive is divided into three generations depending on the fulfillment of requirements in terms of conformity to vehicle chassis performance and parts. The first-generation 3D LiDAR is mechanical scanning type, the second-generation 3D LiDAR is micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) type, and the third-generation 3D LiDAR is the Solid-state LiDAR. Recently, global LiDAR companies are releasing products by selecting the Solid-state LiDAR without rotating parts as an optimal format for automotive LiDAR. SOSLAB’s ML is a third-generation LiDAR product.

SOSLAB introduced the Mobility LiDAR (ML), a Solid-state LiDAR product completed with Korean technology, into the global market through the CES 2022, since the market release had been delayed due to COVID-19. SOSLAB stood shoulder to shoulder with global enterprises by demonstrating ML’s 180-degree wide angle and long-range measuring performance for several meters. With the problems in measuring distance and viewing angle, which had been pointed out as limitations of Solid-state LiDAR, resolved, ML won the CES 2021 Innovation Awards in recognition of its technical prowess.

SOSLAB opened an event zone for experiencing LiDAR during the exhibition period. Taking notice of the fact that the solutions with recognition and decision-making functions using LiDAR data are being applied throughout the industry, SOSLAB operated the game, which is to detect movements using LiDAR data and drew heightened attention. It also held a promotional event to provide an opportunity for engineers to use the company’s LiDAR at USD 100.

SOSLAB is actively engaged in LiDAR support to and joint R&D with universities and labs that are researching and developing robot and self-driving technologies.

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SOSLAB specializes in LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor, which measures the distance to an object using laser. As the only company in Korea that succeeded in R&D for the 3D Solid-state LiDAR, SOSLAB won recognition for the excellence of its technology from domestic and international organizations, such as by winning the King Sejong Award at the Patent Technology Awards 2020 and CES 2021 Innovation Awards, and also being selected as a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ in 2021. Through joint projects with large enterprises including Mando and SEMES, SOSLAB is realizing LiDAR technology commercialization.

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