Mount Jiuhuashan in the Snow, Wonderland of “Lotus Country of Buddhism”

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December 27, 2021 13:20 Korea Standard Time
  • Mount Jiuhuashan in the Snow, Wonderland of “Lotus Country of Buddhism”

    Mount Jiuhuashan in the Snow, Wonderland of “Lotus Country of Buddhism”

ANQING, CHINA--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire)--Mount Jiuhuashan is located in Chizhou City, Anhui Province, not far from Mount Huangshan, another famous mountain in southern Anhui Province across a lake. Characterized by natural scenery, Buddhism and other splendid humanity cultures, it is known as one of the four famous Buddhism sacred mountains in China and designated as a national 5A-level scenic spot.

In 719 AD, Jin Qiaojue, the Prince of Silla State (the main body is now Gyeongju City, North Gyeongsan Province, South Korea) crossed the sea to China in Tang Dynasty, stayed in Mount Jiuhuashan for 75 years of painstakingly practicing and passed away at the age of 99 left with his flesh body unrotten after death. He was considered as the reincarnation of Buddhist Ksitigarbha and Mount Jiuhuashan was turned into “Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Dojo”.

In Winter, romance and solemnity coexist in Mount Jiuhuashan after snow. The echoing of ice and snow makes it like a “Coloured Glass World” in fairy tales while Tiantai Peak, Ten King Peak, Huatai and other scenic spots are all covered by snow in white like ice flowers blooming wantonly, with crystal clear beauty. When visiting ancient temples by walking through the snow, burning incense and listening to the Dharma, in contrast to viewing purity, inner peace stay in our hearts.

Being covered by the white snow, the distant mountains, ancient temples and snow complement each other. The branches of trees all over the mountains become into rimes, with exquisitely carved ice crystals like beautiful blooming snow lotus, or a natural ink painting, making people infatuated with it.

Mount Jiuhuashan, shining with silver light after snow, seems to be covered with white cloud-made clothes while the land with ancient pine trees are wrapped in ice and snow. It is even more beautiful and splendid under the sunshine.

After the snow, Huatai Scenic Area of Mount Jiuhuashan seems to be full of silver trees with white flowers, and the peaks are shrouded in dense fog. Thick rime condensed on the branches, furry and shiny, just like coral.

The Winter snow in Mount Jiuhuashan is waiting for you to explore by yourself!

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