One-Touch Cordless Plumber ‘BOMBA STICK’ Launched on Kickstarter

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Sep 29, 2021 09:59 KST
BOMBA STICK, the one-touch premium cordless plunger

BOMBA STICK, the one-touch premium cordless plunger

NEW YORK--(Korea Newswire) September 29, 2021 -- ©IAMROOKIE announced that it has developed ‘BOMBA STICK,’ the one-touch premium cordless plunger and today launched it on Kickstarter.

With a touch of a button, the BOMBA STICK allows users to compress and control the compression level of air for various circumstances. With just a single click, the job is done.

By creating a massive amount of force from compressed air, it can plunge through pipes and pump air where it's needed. Since the BOMBA STICK completely takes care of germs, foul odors, and rotten filth stuck in pipes, it is a great help to prevent pricy handyman/plumber hiring costs by taking care of them ourselves.

BOMBA STICK is especially grabbing the attention due to its specially designed tanks for various cleaning purposes and its anti-regurgitation technology. According to the circumstances, users can attach a multi-compression tank (for cleaning washstands, sinks, and floors) or an air-compression tank (for cleaning toilets). With its pressure gauge located on its main body, users can check the pressure levels easily. In addition, its Quick Expansion and Quick Blocking technology make its tanks expand and tightly seal to the pipe's wall, completely blocking filth from regurgitating.

Users can pump air without manually blowing or pumping when using the BOMBA STICK. It is also trendy since it can be used to pump in the air in boats, tubes, balls, and other outdoor goods in a timely manner.

The one-touch plumber BOMBA STICK has just been launched on Kickstarter, the world's largest crowdfunding platform. More details can be found on its Kickstarter official homepage.

BOMBA STICK on Kickstarter:


Ho Il Kim

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