Otis Korea leads local elevator industry through digitalization and connectivity

Future-Ready elevator solutions will be showcased at the International Lift Expo Korea 2021

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September 14, 2021 14:28 Korea Standard Time
  • Future-Ready elevator solutions will be showcased at the International Lift Expo Korea 2021

    Future-Ready elevator solutions will be showcased at the International Lift Expo Korea 2021

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire)--Otis Elevator Korea (Otis, VP and managing director IS Cho) will showcase innovative and future-ready elevator products and solutions that provide enhanced reliability, safety, and connectivity at the International Lift Expo Korea (ILEK) 2021 held at the Ilsan Kintex from September 14 to 16. Otis Elevator Korea is a subsidiary of Otis Worldwide Corporation (NYSE: OTIS), the world’s leading company for elevator and escalator manufacturing, installation, and service.

“Otis has made vertical cities possible and transformed the way we all live and work,” said IS Cho, Otis Korea Vice President and Managing Director, “Now we continue our legacy of innovation with the Otis Gen3™ platform to lead a new generation of elevators for the industry. Through our digitally connected elevator system, we will enable people to connect and thrive in a taller, faster, and smarter world.”

The Otis Gen3 elevator, a connected platform, brings customer value through Otis service digitalization

The Gen3 elevator is digitally native and combines the proven design and flat-belt technology of Otis’ best selling Gen2® elevators with the connectivity of the Otis ONE™ Internet of Things (IoT) based digital service platform.

Using cloud-based IoT technology, Otis ONE monitors the health and performance of each Gen3 elevator in real-time. The information is collected and analyzed, and accessible to customers immediately with full transparency. Using IoT and artificial intelligence, Otis ONE delivers predictive maintenance, identifying potential problems and addressing them often remotely before they cause a service interruption.

The Gen3 elevator is available with other features for enhanced passenger experiences including Otis eView™ in-car display that streams infotainment and supports video chat with the customer center in the event of an emergency, touch-less solutions and an air purification system for passengers’ health and well-being. Sustainability features like the Otis ReGen™ drive, LED lighting, and sleep mode are also available.

Otis was the first in Korea to launch digital solutions in elevator maintenance in 2016, which has improved the safety and performance of maintenance work. Many Otis field professionals worldwide are performing their tasks with the support of digital solutions and mobile apps, helping them to more efficiently respond to service calls, measure noise and vibration issues quickly on site, order parts for repairs, and provide technical support in real-time.

The. Gen3 elevator platform with Otis ONE is being prepared for domestic release next year.

Demonstration of autonomous robot connected to elevators

At the Expo, Otis will showcase a demonstration of autonomous robots that are seamlessly connected with elevators, making them more viable for use in hospitals, offices, and residential buildings. The robots can move freely between floors without human support, providing automated and contactless delivery, pickup, and visitor reception services to enhance the customer experience, offer safe solutions, and improve productivity.

Otis has partnered with LG Electronics to provide elevator and autonomous robot integration to various businesses and medical facilities in Korea. The company also recently started a collaboration with KT to provide integrated services in a local hotel.

Touchless and sanitizing solutions reflecting the recent trends and the upgraded Ambiance design

In response to the growing need for sanitation solutions in public spaces, Otis will showcase touchless and sanitizing solutions that include touchless hall buttons and COPs, gesture buttons, antibacterial LED lamps, antibacterial panels, and handrails, and air purifiers, all supporting the health and safety of passengers. Using the eCALL™ Plus mobile app with Bluetooth technology, passengers can call elevators through their mobile phones, making touching buttons unnecessary and expanding the safety and efficiency of elevator use.

Other digital solutions such as Compass 360™ destination dispatch management system with Smart Grouping technology, and OptiSense™, which uses video monitoring to analyze groups of passengers waiting and alleviates crowds by allocating elevators to service them, will also be showcased. These dispatch management solutions support efficient movement and limit the number of passengers, making social distancing possible and even easier.

The new Ambiance interior elevator designs will also be showcased. Ambiance designs provide a modern atmosphere with edge lighting in car rears and different material combinations. Moreover, light and dark colors, as well as color contrasts, are used in the design to give a spacious feeling.

The ILEK 2021, held at the Korea International Exhibition Center in Ilsan from September 14 to 16, is hosted by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety and supervised by the Korea Elevator Safety Agency and Kyungyon Exposition Corp. It is the 6th International Lift Expo held this year, and various visitors, such as government agencies and entrepreneurs, in the construction industry along with private individuals are participating. This event will be a platform to share new technologies and products, as well as a great venue to promote the safe-elevator culture.
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