DAESUNG to Exhibit Its Innovative SMARTHIVE Automated Hive Controller at AGRI WEEK TOKYO 2021 and CES 2022

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September 02, 2021 13:26 Korea Standard Time
  • DAESUNG SMARTHIVE Automated Hive Controller which was honored with the Innovation Awards at the CES ...

    DAESUNG SMARTHIVE Automated Hive Controller which was honored with the Innovation Awards at the CES 2021 will be exhibited at the AGRI WEEK TOKYO 2021 and CES 2022

JEONJU--(Korea Newswire)--DAESUNG, one of the world’s leading companies specialized in automated systems of agriculture, has decided to exhibit its SMARTHIVE automated Hive Controller at the AGRI WEEK TOKYO 2021, the largest agricultural trade show in Japan, and CES 2022. The SMARTHIVE Hive Controller was honored with the Innovation Awards at the CES 2021.

Since its launch in 2021, the automated Hive Controller of DAESUNG has been recognized by beekeeping farms in Korea for its efficiency and technological capability. Headquartered in Jeonju with production facilities in Daejeon, DAESUNG is constantly developing smarter beekeeping systems as a leading bee farming equipment manufacturer.

The SMARTHIVE Hive Controller is a portable smart beekeeping system that safely takes out honeycombs from beehives, brushes bees and stacks honeycombs outside beehives in approximately a minute. It boasts a lightweight of 9 kg without corrosion, and even a novice can use it alone to extract honey as its operation method is simple. Furthermore, it can be used for any beehives with identical widths though their sizes are different. For the power supply, both an adapter and battery pack (optional) can be used.

Using this automated hive controller, beekeeping farms in Korea could reduce working time by 50% compared to the existing products, and it enabled one to extract honey alone.

As two brushes attached inside the equipment and their front/rear covers can be easily removed, one can clean and sanitize them in a speedy and convenient way after use. And its waterproof feature allows one to wash inside the product with water.

The automated Hive Controller of DAESUNG was highly evaluated at international trade shows, pitchings and IR held in 2021. Among others, at the VIVA TECH 2021 held in France, Yann Gozlan, President of Creative Valley, commented “DAESUNG’s technology is very impressive. It is an important technology that attracts our attention.” The company continues to attain significant achievements, including signing the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia.

In addition, DAESUNG also provides an automated smart beehive gate featuring the function of detecting hornets. The automated beehive gate reduces inconveniences of opening and closing a large number of beehive entrances manually that takes over one hour on average in doing so for some 200 beehives. While opening and closing beehive entrances are simple works, they should be repeated numerous times, requiring significant time and workforce for large beekeeping farms, small and mid-sized farms as well as urban bee farms.

The Automated Beehive Gate of DAESUNG can be controlled remotely using an application on a smartphone. The application is able to control individual beehive entrances separately or multiple entrances simultaneously. Its automatic remote-control feature and that of pre-setting operation time add convenience in use. Coupled with the hornet sensor applied vision technology, it enables to prevent damages on bees by automatically closing beehive entrances when the sensor detects any hornets.

As it allows for deploying and linking with beehive water feeder and pollen trap, which are used to be installed at an entrance of beehives, the Automated Beehive Gate of DAESUNG is an innovative product that maximizes efficiency by adding smart technologies to beekeeping.

Innovative beekeeping technologies of DAESUNG can be found at AGRI WEEK TOKYO 2021, and for more information on DAESUNG, please visit its website or YouTube channel.

SMARTHIVE YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAtd0iSB0p1g0Wyr1

Website: http://smarthive.co.kr

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