HVC Capacitor Announces High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors with Same Quality as Famous Brands in USA and Japan.

Leading Chinese high voltage capacitor manufacturer HVC Capacitor launches their range of high voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitors and Doorknob Capacitors with screw terminal mounting

Jul 01, 2021 08:30 KST

High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitor Production Procss

SHENZHEN, CHINA--(Korea Newswire) July 01, 2021 -- Shenzhen, China: HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announces two high voltage ceramic capacitor products; Ceramic Disc Capacitors and Doorknob Capacitors with screw terminal mounting. The products are perfect replacement, alternative, and cross-reference for Japan Number one ceramic capacitor brand.

These capacitors have been produced with high standards that ensure quality product delivery. Clients can order custom specs based on their preferred PCB space, product diameter, and other essential details.

“In mid-2018, the world‘s number one producer of high voltage ceramic capacitors, stopped making ceramic disc capacitor and doorknob capacitor in full range. Their official reason is that high voltage machine market is on the decrease, and they don’t earn money from that product range,” said Danny Chen of HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. “Our High Voltage HV Ceramic Disc Capacitors and Doorknob Capacitors are the perfect replacement for this Japanese competitor‘s application market. HVC Capacitor have the full range of the products, and we ensure quality production and prompt delivery of client’s orders.”

HVC Capacitor‘s Alternative Replacement for Japanese item, High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitor, is a top-notch product designed to satisfy clients’ needs. It is available in different rated DC voltage from 1KV to 50KV, which has three classes of operating temperature ranges from - 25 °C to + 125 °C, and capacitance range from 10 pF to 33 000 pF. It's made with the same high quality as famous USA and Japanese brand, and has a dielectric strength of 200 % of rated voltage.

High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitor screw terminal mounting features a Low dissipation factor of 0.1 % at 20 kHz to 1000 kHz. It's available in wide range spec from 10kv to 150kv and capacitance from 100pf to 15000pf. The product is used to manufacture welding equipment, X-ray equipment, and medical, industrial equipment.

With more than 10 years of experience, HVC Capacitor is already gaining popularity among top electronics manufacturers in the US and Japan. They have built a relationship with Fortune 500 companies, making efforts to work with more. They have a massive factory in China with the latest equipment and expert technicians. All raw materials for the production of their capacitors are from reliable resources with a high-quality guarantee.

For more information, please visit HVC's website.

About HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

HVC Capacitor is a professional manufacturer for both high voltage ceramic capacitor (disc and doorknob type) and also high voltage diodes. It is established in 1999, and restructured in 2012. HVC Capacitor is working for voltage from 1kv to 50kv, doorknob items up to 100kv. The matching high voltage diode product range set up in 2018, and already welcome by Fortune 500 companies,and successful replace Amercian brand EDI and HVCA. HVC company have sole distributor in Korean market-Blue and Green Trading.

Website: https://www.hv-caps.com/ko/


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