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International Federation of Robotics releases “World Robotics R&D Programs”

Jun 09, 2021 14:00 KST

FRANKFURT, GERMANY--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) June 09, 2021 -- As the economies reopen from the pandemic, Asia, Europe and America adjust their robotics research funding programs (R&D). What are the targets of the officially driven government programs today? This has been researched by the International Federations of Robotics and published in the 2021 update paper of “World Robotics R&D Programs”.

“The first version of World Robotics R&D Programs was introduced in June last year. Since then, dozens of countries have updated their robotics R&D programs.” says Prof. Dr. Jong-Oh Park, Vice-Chairman IFR Research Committee and member of the Executive Board. “The five most advanced robotics countries, South Korea, Japan, Germany, USA and China follow up a very different strategic focus.”

Robotics R&D programs - officially driven by governments

The strategic plan Made in China 2025 comes as a blueprint to upgrade the manufacturing capabilities of Chinese industries. In order to promote the rapid development of intelligent robot technology, the key special projects of “Intelligent Robots” are being deployed in accordance with the requirements of the “Innovation Chain”. The statistical yearbook “World Robotics” by IFR shows that China reached a robot density of 187 units per 10,000 workers in the manufacturing industry - the country ranks 15th worldwide.

The new European Framework Program Horizon Europe has been launched on research and innovation over the period of 2021 to 2027. Horizon Europe will support top researchers, innovators, and general citizens to develop the knowledge and solutions needed to ensure a green, digital, and healthy future. The robotics-related work program 2021-2022 in Cluster 4 will provide total funding of 240 million USD (198.7 million EUR).

The National Robotics Initiative (NRI) in the USA was launched for fundamental robotics R&D supported by the US Government. A key sector is “Space Robotics”, where NASA launched a lunar program named “Artemis” with the purpose to return astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024 and to construct promising capabilities for Mars missions after 2024.

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