BOSAGORA Unveils Micropayment Protocol ‘Flash Layer’

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April 16, 2021 10:00 Korea Standard Time
  • BOSAGORA revealed Flash Layer

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) April 16, 2021 -- BOSAGORA, a leading public blockchain platform, announced that it unveiled the Flash Layer, which it developed for micropayment, through live streaming on YouTube on April 15.

BOSAGORA is a blockchain platform that drives the development of the ecosystem by providing technological and financial support to projects selected through democratic consensus among ecosystem participants. The company is expanding its ecosystem by solidifying a foothold for completing an advanced and decentralized blockchain platform, including the DAO roadmap it recently announced.

Flash Layer is a layer 2 payment protocol that operates on BOSAGORA’s network. It was developed for handling small transactions work. Compared to Lightning Network of Bitcoin or zk-Rollups of Ethereum, Flash Layer is far faster in a transaction with much lower charges.

The Flash Layer delivers a number of advantages, including strong security based on encoded updates in real-time and nearly no bugs by going through vast tests. It is expected to be valuably used in diverse Dapps linked with real-world life as it allows for large-scale and frequent transactions with low charges safely and rapidly.

Along with the unveiling Flash Layer through YouTube live streaming, BOSAGORA had chances of communicating with global users.

“The release of the Flash Layer marks a milestone that visibly demonstrates the development capability of BOSAGORA,” said Kim In-hwan, President of BOSAGORA. “In the months to come, we will introduce a variety of Dapps linked with real-world life by using the Flash Layer in the platform.”

Please watch a video of the unveiling Flash Layer on the official YouTube channel of BOSAGORA.



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