ABLIC Launches the “S-5701 B Series” a TMR Sensor IC That Solves Reed Switch Limitations With Durable, Small and Long-life Features

Small magnetic sensor IC with a super-low operating current consumption of a mere 160nA and high magnetic sensitivity

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Mar 31, 2021 10:00 KST

TOKYO--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) March 31, 2021 -- ABLIC Inc. (President: Nobumasa Ishiai, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “ABLIC”) today launched the “S-5701 B Series” surface mount TMR (Tunnel Magneto Resistance) sensor IC, a magnetic sensor IC with super-low current consumption, high magnetic sensitivity, long life and an operating current consumption of a mere 160nA.

The “S-5701 B Series” is a TMR sensor IC. However, unlike other MR sensor ICs such as Anisotropic Magneto Resistive (AMR) or Giant Magneto Resistive (GMR) sensor ICs, it features high sensitivity and super-low current consumption (160nA) making it an innovative product that solves the limitations of a conventional reed switch.

Reed Switch Limitations and the TMR Sensor IC Advantages that Solve Them

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ABLIC has now added a new product, the “S-5701 B Series,” a TMR sensor IC in a “Small, Smart and Simple” product lineup that detects horizontal magnetic fields allowing us to further broaden our customer base by proposing it to customers who are seeking a replacement for the reed switch.

Major Features of the S-5701 B Series

1. The IC’s average current consumption is 160nA when using a power supply voltage of 3.3V. About 1/6th of the current consumption of a regular AMR IC
2. Operating voltage range: 1.7 to 5.5V, operation temperature range -40 to 125°C and satisfies a wide operating environment
3. Employs a super-thin TSOT-23-3S package
4. High magnetic sensitivity BOP = 1.0mT products available


· A reed switch replacement

Examples of products using this IC

· Window open/close sensors, electronic keys, smoke detectors
· Gas meters, water meters, smart meters

S-5701 B Series Product Details




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