ThermVac Moves Into Japan's Special Vacuum Furnace Market

News provided by ThermVac
January 19, 2021 13:00 Korea Standard Time

HWASEONG--(Korea Newswire) January 19, 2021 -- ThermVac Inc., a specialty manufacturer for vacuum furnaces, said that the carbon purification vacuum furnace which has been installed in the plant of a Korean unit of a Japanese carbon company is currently working successfully.

This equipment is a special vacuum furnace purifying the carbon products to be used in semiconductor, photovoltaic and fiber optics industries, and thereby reducing the content of impurities to several ppm or less.

ThermVac was able to secure elemental technologies of fabricating purification equipment through the localization project of carbon purification furnace for two years, which had been supported by the Korean government's technology development program. After that project, ThermVac has continuously researched the carbon purifying process with in-house equipment, accumulating process technology and building equipment application capabilities. Based on this effort, it now becomes possible to overcome the limitations of the domestic market and boldly challenge the large markets of materials and parts such as Japan and China.

Recently, ThermVac has developed and completed a two-chamber type carbon purification furnace with the structure that separates the heating chamber and the cooling chamber and is now verifying its durability. Upon commercializing the two-chamber model, ThermVac expects to shorten the cycle of the carbon purification process that used to take more than 30 hours to 6 to 9 hours so that it will contribute to the expansion of the global market for high-purity carbon, which is explosively increasing in demand for secondary batteries, semiconductors and photovoltaic applications.


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