BOSAGORA Concludes a Strategic Partnership Agreement with FMway to Launch the Industry-first Blockchain-based Digital Equity Fund

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Nov 20, 2020 10:00 KST

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) November 20, 2020 -- BOSAGORA Foundation (President: Kim In-hwan) announced on November 19, 2020, that it concluded a strategic partnership agreement with FMway, the owner of big data-based advanced stock investment algorithm, to launch the industry-first blockchain-based digital equity fund in the global market.

As the first ICO project in Korea, BOSAGORA is a blockchain platform that helps the ecosystem develop by providing financial support based on decisions made by members of the Congress consisted of node operators. In order to adopt BOA coins in real life, BOSAGORA is expanding partnerships with a variety of companies that have excellent business models. The company attracted attention by recently applying BOA coins to the online education segment through a partnership with ‘Gongmanse’ which has over 45,000 unique educational video contents.

Being an innovative company that owns a proprietary big data-based equity investment algorithm, FMway pursues stabilized revenue through means of sticking to the basics that invests in top 50 items with high growth potential by analyzing the latest quarterly financial data. Thus, the algorithm can be applied to any securities market in the world and a back test simulation (BTS) on major securities markets around the world for the past 20 years showed phenomenal performance of 39.7% in average annual earnings rate. And the track record on securities markets in Korea where investments are being made since 2014 delivers performance similar to that in the BTS.

Leveraging the partnership, BOSAGORA will launch blockchain-based digital equity fund products enabling anyone to easily invest in global securities markets using cryptocurrencies. This means tokenization of equity funds like tokenizing assets.

The structure of this blockchain-based digital fund is similar to that of exchange traded fund (ETF), but it is much more efficient and low cost than ETF. Furthermore, it has the advantage of being able to trade at anytime and anywhere and provides transparent transaction details.

In addition, BOSAGORA will design to reflect revenue and earnings in the value of BOA coins by using BOA coins in global digital equity funds of FMway.

“The blockchain-based digital equity fund is meaningful in that it is the first innovative digital equity investment product, a combination of traditional financial technology and advanced blockchain technology, available in the global market,” said Kim In-hwan, President of BOSAGORA Foundation. “We aim to generate genuine financial services that can deliver stable revenue to customers and expand the ecosystem of BOSAGORA by combining our blockchain spirit of trust and transparency with algorithm investment methodology of FMway that sticks to basics.”

BOSAGORA’s blockchain-based digital equity fund will be unveiled to investors during the first quarter of next year.




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