Learning App QANDA Reached Top 2 on Indonesian Google Play Store

Developed by AI EdTech Startup Mathpresso

News provided by Mathpresso
September 11, 2020 16:00 Korea Standard Time

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) September 11, 2020 -- EdTech startup Mathpresso announced that its learning app QANDA ranks 2nd on the Indonesian Google Play Store Chart, right below Google Kelas.

QANDA released the Indonesian version in August 2019. Through a high user satisfaction rate, it currently ranks above Skill Academy and Brainly. Since COVID-19, it’s seen a surge in the e-learning platform demand.

Developed by Korea’s leading EdTech startup, Mathpresso, ‘QANDA’ is a mobile app that enables students to receive instant solutions and 1-on-1 support from top-university tutors. Users can take a photo of the problem, upload it, and then its AI-based optical character recognition scan solves it in five seconds.

Used by over one-third of the entire K-12 student population in Korea, the country with one of the highest college enrollment rates in the world, QANDA garnered No.1 on the education chart in Thailand in early September, a week after launching.

“We’re thrilled to serve as the learning bridge for Indonesian students, whose education’s been impeded by COVID-19,” said Joyce Choi, Global Director at Mathpresso. "With the recent traffic surge, we’re developing new business models suitable for the Indonesian market.”

QANDA is available via Google Play App Store. More information about Mathpresso is on its website.

About Mathpresso

With the mission to provide the most effective education for all, Mathpresso develops the world's leading learning platform, QANDA, an AI-based learning content app. Mathpresso was selected as Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia 2020, national representative of 2018 Google AI for Social Good APAC, and guest speaker at 2019 AWS Public Sector Summit ASEAN. Founded in 2015, it raised USD 55 million from investors including Legend Capital and SoftBank Ventures Asia.


QANDA (stands for ‘Q and A’) is a mobile app that allows students to receive instant answers and customized learning contents at zero or minimal cost. QANDA recognizes text and mathematical formulas in a photo with optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Supported by vast solution data and a self-developed search engine, QANDA provides highly accurate solutions. QANDA provides quality education, giving access to tutors from top universities. QANDA has 4 million monthly active users in over 50 countries. The app offers 7 languages - Indonesian, Korean, English, Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai.

QANDA on Google Play App Store: https://bit.ly/2Zfxxf0

Website: http://mathpresso.com


Yegyu Lee

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