KAL Publishes Whitepaper “TPMs Are the Root of All Security: No TPM = No Security”

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Sep 08, 2020 20:00 KST

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) September 08, 2020 -- Market-leading ATM software company KAL has announced the immediate availability of a whitepaper that provides an in-depth analysis regarding securing ATMs to the maximum possible extent.

Clearly, keeping ATMs secure is essential. ATM networks are responsible for millions of dollars of cash and are a potential entry point to a bank’s internal systems that have the power to transfer large amounts of money around the world.

In this whitepaper, KAL’s CEO Aravinda Korala says that TPMs are the “core root of trust” of computing systems and that “TPMs must be deployed correctly in order to fully secure ATM networks.”

TPMs are tiny semiconductor devices that are embedded inside all PCs and are sometimes implemented inside the CPU itself. TPMs are a secure vault for encryption keys and the core root of trust that enables computer networks to be fully locked down. TPMs have been shipped inside PCs and laptops for a long time, but they are often not deployed fully in bank ATM networks.

This paper’s goal is to educate and enlighten the ATM community regarding TPM-based security and change the situation. It examines what banks must do when designing their ATM security architecture and how the industry needs to leverage the TPM to lockdown the hardware, software and the network.

Explaining why KAL believes it is important to publish this whitepaper now, Aravinda says: “ATMs deliver cash to the world. The goal is for everyone, everywhere to have safe and secure access to cash and to lock down the networks used to deliver that cash as tightly as possible. The TPM can make that a reality.”

Read the whitepaper in English here: TPMs are the root of all security (https://www.kal.com/en/tpm-whitepaper), or for other languages check out our local language sites where you can read the whitepaper in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese or Chinese. You can also join our discussion on ATM security or for more information, contact KAL at info@kal.com.

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