Human Dynamic to Reveal Crisis Management for Business Leaders Amid COVID-19 and Tips for Working from Home Effectively

Mar 03, 2020 11:56 KST
Tips for Working from Home Effectively

Tips for Working from Home Effectively

SEOUL--(Korea Newswire) March 03, 2020 -- In the crisis of COVID-19 outbreak, Human Dynamic, a human resources consulting firm in Seoul will host a webinar on “Crisis Management for HR and Business Leaders - How to support employees during a crisis” on March 4, 2020.

With the rising number of reported COVID-19 infected cases around the globe, organizations are moving to work from home/remote location model to manage business continuity. Here are a few tips for employees and managers to be more efficient at working from home:

Get Prepared to Work from Home

a) Dedicated space: Depending upon the nature of your business and work, number of calls etc. You would need to identify a place with least disturbance, phone and internet connectivity, and ample charging sockets. Also, let this not be your bed or couch!
b) Defined work schedule: Slot your schedule aligning with your work shift, plan breaks and punch in meeting reminders so you can follow a routine.
c) Clear boundaries: Let people around you know about your home-work space and your schedule. It would be of help to dress up just as you would have when going to the office to keep the momentum going.

Ensuring employees are regularly in touch and being communicated with

When there is constant fear and uncertainty already looming in the environment, the additional restriction of people contact can add to the loss of morale and feelings of isolation impacting the functioning of the team. Connect with the team through video conferences at least once in two days with a pre-decided agenda.

Being cognizant of others’ unique circumstances

Have any of your colleague’s friends or families been exposed to the virus? Is any aspect of their daily life significantly affected? What is their state of mind? By being mindful of this, conducting respectful and compassionate dialogue and being humane while discussing work responsibilities can be a simple way to express concern.

Delegating tasks with clear and detailed guidelines and manageable deadline

Functioning virtually may have many lags in terms of role definition in a certain project or aspect. A clear email, followed by a discussion to ensure that the task at hand is clear and there is no duplication of work is key. A manager should be aware of everyone’s role, ensuring that changes are communicated to the teams effectively.

Trusting the team

While it may seem like there is a lot of back and forth, checking on the team is also important to show trust. Reminders and checks can be constant but controlled.

While the work from home option may seem temporary at the moment, we are slowly moving towards a global team that is connected virtually. Therefore, the need of the hour is to understand the dynamics of a virtual team and focus on the skills required to manage one efficiently.

Human Dynamic is a Human Resources Consulting firm, which provides Integrated Solution for Leadership and Change to corporates across Asia Pacific. In the crisis of COVID-19 outbreak, Human Dynamic is here to support organizations to provide crisis care programs, awareness talks, managerial sessions, and guidance in creating organizational preparation plans across APAC.




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