AtMet KOREA Launches 4 Different Series of Dunnage Airbags

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February 21, 2020 09:39 Korea Standard Time

ULSAN--(Korea Newswire)--AtMet KOREA, an export cargo packing materials provider, announced that it has launched new dunnage airbags used for protecting container cargos.

New AtMet dunnage airbags comprise 4 series including ‘AtMet One’, ‘AtMet Three’, ‘AtMet Four’, and ‘AtMet Flat’.

AtMet dunnage airbags are the most economic means of fastening and protecting cargos in trucks, trains, and ships and they can be applied to diverse environments, such as separation distances between spaces and different height of cargos.

AtMet dunnage airbags enable to reduce air filling time by infusing air into them three times faster than current other products. And they provide convenience to users by infusing air at any angle while turning 360 degrees. As they come in 4 different series, they also offer benefits of using for users’ own purposes.

In addition, the outer bag of AtMet dunnage airbags has excellent waterproof and strength features as it is made of polypropylene and kraft papers. The inner bag is thin and highly flexible as it is made of polyamide.

“Since their launch in overseas markets in 2011, our airbags are squarely competing with global companies in international markets,” said a manager at AtMet KOREA. “We are committed to satisfying customers who have extended confidence and full support to us by delivering the highest quality and services in the future.”

Since its establishment in 1995, AtMet KOREA is providing cargo safety-related products and solutions, including container airbags.

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