Jinsan Beverage of Korea Introduces Its Healthy Smoothies for Spring

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Feb 19, 2020 10:16 KST
Jinsan Beverage Jejuttre Violet Smoothie made with superfood berries.

Jinsan Beverage Jejuttre Violet Smoothie made with superfood berries.

JEJU--(Korea Newswire) February 19, 2020 -- Jinsan Beverage, a Korean healthy beverage developer, has introduced its five ‘Jejuttre smoothies’, premium blended drinks of fresh fruits and vegetables that are good for health in spring.

The five Jejuttre smoothies are Jejuttre Violet Smoothie, Jejuttre Green Smoothie & Green, Jejuttre Red, Jejuttre Yellow and Jejuttre White.

Jejuttre Violet Smoothie, made with superfood berries, is sweet and sour. Jejuttre Green Smoothie & Green is created by mixing white grape, kiwi puree, and various vegetables, while Jejuttre Red is made with tomatoes and watermelons plus Omija (magnolia berry which brings out five flavors). Jejuttre Yellow is packed with nutrients from mandarin and hallabong oranges grown in Jeju Island and carrots. Jejuttre White is a shake of sweet oriental melons harvested in Seongju, North Gyeongsang Province, and milk made in Jeju Island.

The five Jejuttre smoothies are blended drinks that help you stay healthy with an easy daily intake of vitamins and nutrients in a season, particularly spring, when yellow dust and fine dust are severe. They are also best beverages particularly for those on a diet and children who won’t eat fruits and vegetables.

“Our smoothies are premium healthy drinks that boost your vitality in spring,” an official of Jinsan Beverage said, “You can meet recommended daily allowance for vegetables conveniently by drinking a bottle a day and also get nutrients that your body needs by taking in smoothies of your choice from their five different colors.”

Jejuttre, the brand of Jinsan Beverage, has a meaning that it is good for health as well as delicious because it is made with fruits and vegetables grown with care and love in clean Jeju Island.

For more information on Jinsan Beverage and Jejuttre smoothies, please visit its website(http://www.jinsanfnb.com/en/).

Website: http://www.jinsanfnb.com/


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