Glimpses of Taiwan in the 1960s: Photographs by American Pastor

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Jan 03, 2020 11:40 KST

TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) January 03, 2020 -- The Cite Publishing Ltd. has launched a project to present the black and white images of Taiwan captured by American pastor Barry L. Schuttler between 1959 and 1960.

Subsidized by the Ministry of Culture’s Taiwan Cultural Memory Bank project, the Cite Publishing Ltd. makes the old photographs available to the public, offering glimpses of the history of Taiwan.

Schuttler, who served as the director of Taiwan Christian Service at that time, travelled across Taiwan and its outlaying islands with members of the church to provide U.S. aid to Taiwan.

As a photography lover, Schuttler documented the everyday life of Taiwanese people as well as street scenes, spanning life in Wanhua District, Guishan Island, and Kinmen, through his lens.

To fundraise for Taiwan and introduce the island to the world, Schuttler sent the photographs to the church in the U.S., so the images can be published by the church and media. For example, San Francisco Chronicle had published a series of his photographs.

With these old photographs, people in the current generation can learn about the lifestyle, dressing style, working lives, and street scenes of Taiwan in different era.

The Cite Publishing team also conducted field survey based on the photos and recorded oral history through interviewing elders living in Wanhua. The survey has brought back the memories of the residents. A former resident of Guishan Island even recognized himself in one of the old photos.

To introduce Taiwan’s original cultural contents to the overseas markets and seek collaboration opportunities, the team has also participated in Content Tokyo, a trade fair offering a platform for business matching among content creators, distributors, and licensing professionals.

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